March 9, 2012


The boys made it through their surgery with flying colors!  The day itself went perfectly, and actually went pretty quickly! 

Gigi & Grandpa bringing the boys in

Once we were checked in, they took us to our room and within 15 minutes, Will had gotten his 'loopy juice' to get him ready for anesthesia, lots of kisses from mommy, and they took him away to get started. They had the cutest little hospital gowns and yellow slippers for the boys, along with a sweet little teddy bear for each!  So thoughtful! =)

Will ready to go for surgery
Dr. Abramson, and amazing anesthesiologist,
taking Will off!
We had about a half hour with Jack before it was time for his loopy juice, and he had a great time!  He explored the whole room, played with the Zhu Zhu pet that the doctor left for him, and entertained us with animal noises!  

Finding all sorts of cool things to play with!

Dance, Jack, Dance!!!
Mommy snuggles... look at his big blue eyes!

Cuddles with Grandpa and Gigi
Jack absolutely amazed us with how many animals he knows sounds to!  We look at books and say their names/sounds all the time, but I had no idea that he knew them just by their names!  He went on for awhile before we thought to video it!  So cute!

When Jack got his loopy juice, after about 10 minutes, Jack seriously got giggly!  It was hilarious!

Jack's turn to go!
He peeked over the Dr's shoulder and said, "Mama"!!
It melted my heart!
Will surgery went fairly quickly, without any complications, but he was not happy when he came out of anesthesia!  They brought him to me pretty quickly, and after a few minutes of fussing, he conked out on me for awhile.  Such a great feeling to have my baby sound asleep on my chest! They are just so big... I'll never forget how small they were the first times I held them!  They barely filled even my chest, and now they sprawl out completely into my lap!  Jack's surgery took a little bit longer and was a little bit more involved, but he came out of surgery happy!  He came back to the room and we all hung out watching videos on the laptop until they cleared us to go home!

Will, sound asleep!

Jack just hanging!

The boys loved their time cuddling with Daddy as they were recovering!  And I think Daddy liked it too! =)

 And a special gift from our friends the Harmons, left on our front door step!
Willjack loves you, Addie and Emmie!!

And I just have to tell you about our HUGE miracle that happened that night!  Somehow, in the packing up of everything and getting it all to the car after surgery, we ended up home without the file of papers from the surgery center and my dad's laptop.  We called the center back, talked to the after hours guy, who even went out and walked the parking lot looking for it for us.  Sadly, he found an empty folder (the wind blew all the papers away) and there was no ipad.  We prayed that some good samaritan had turned it into the lost and found and that we would find it the next day, but since we had narrowed it down to the fact that they were most likely left in the parking lot, it was probably gone.  But... a miracle occurred!  Late that night, I got an email from a lady down in Dallas who had my dad's laptop!!!  Long story short, she and her husband had watched the ipad fly off the roof of our van (that was where it must have been set during packing the car), hit the ground, and by the time they stopped to pick it up, they weren't able to catch us.  My dad's ipad has a password lock on it, and amazingly enough, the thing hadn't broken, but they couldn't get into it to try to figure out who owned it. After watching the picture slideshow on it, they had a brilliant idea... one of the pictures was one from Halloween where the boys rode in the wagon with "Steiner Zoo" on it.  They googled that, and came to my blog!  Then they found my email address on here, and emailed me to see if it was ours!  Can you believe it???  The fact that they tracked it back to us through this blog amazed me!  So my dad was able to go pick up his perfectly fine ipad---and we were all thanking God for such an amazing miracle!!!

Thank you for all your prayers for our boys!  They are doing well, are very happy, and very nearly 100%! Once Jack gets out his stitches on Tuesday, they'll be fully recovered and back to themselves! They were even recovered enough to have such fun with their Uncle Aaron and Sara when they were in town this week!  Pictures of the fun with them to come soon!


Jenny Brannan said...

I'm so glad it went well!!! You are one strong Momma. Praying for a full and speedy recovery for the boys!!! Love you all!

Jodi said...

soooo soooo sooooo glad to hear they did well!!! Praying their recovery goes well too! They are getting sooo big! :)

Gene Steiner said...

Glad we could FaceTime ... Seems they are fully recovered. Really thankful it went well last week! Pappaw loves you all!

Joy said...

That is so amazing about the iPad! I love how those people used their internet detective skills! Reminds me of myself... Haha!!! :-)