March 19, 2012

Steiner March Madness

Here's a picture post with a mish-mash of the "madness' happening in the Steiner household these days.  Just kidding--it isn't madness, but a WHOLE lot of fun!!

First suckers... after 18 month check-up and last shots until they are 4!

Grandpa was there for an extra set of loving arms!

Beautiful Redbud trees blooming in Texas... the boys
aren't as excited about spring flowers as Mommy is!

Daddy brought the boys home Superman cars and taught them how to
make them go down the racetrack... I had 3 very happy Steiner boys!

Cuddles with Gigi before she left for CA

Jack loves to put the hard hats on!

First ride in the car shopping cart! LOVED it for about 10 minutes...
then the screaming and fighting over the steering wheels began.

While stopping for a quick lunch in the stroller, they realized there was
a hole they could peek at each other through!

Big boy shorts...

Toy box found with all sorts of new toys!  This pretty much gets
emptied out daily now!

And my laundry assistants... oh so helpful!
Never a dull moment! =)


Jodi said...

Love! Love! Love!

Amber Ross said...

Precious! Looks like fun !