March 22, 2012

New Foods!

The Dudes got to try some new foods this week! Whole apples (under the close watchful eye of mommy) and real grown-up (not the baby food version) homemade spaghetti!  So cute to watch them.. they couldn't believe it at first when I set a whole apple on their tray!  Will went right to town, and Jack took a few minutes of watching brother and just holding the apple, but he got the hang of it too!!


 His finished product...


 His final product...

 And the leftovers were made into soft apple bites that they scarfed down at dinner!

And a few pics of the spaghetti feast... note that there are no clothes on them (except for diapers and Jack's socks!).  Clean up was so much easier that way!

Jack liked to bite the noodles from the middle
Will figured out how to start at one end and just shove them in!
And notice his bib is gone... his new thing is to remove any bib
I put on him about halfway through each meal... lovely.

What fun!  My little guys are just growing up so quickly!!

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Anonymous said...

They get cuter every day! How fun to watch them explore new food! You guys are doing an amazing job. They look very happy and healthy!!
Have a wonderful week :)