March 30, 2012

Kelly's Korner Link Up!

My Miracle Boys
Will (blue) & Jack (green)
This is a first time linking up to Kelly's Korner!  If you've headed over from her site, welcome! Have fun reading through past blogs of our precious miracle boys! And I'm looking forward to finding you too--it is always nice to find other moms who really understand raising multiples! =)

After a great pregnancy, Will & Jack were born at 28 weeks 6 days, and stayed in the NICU for 7 1/2 weeks.  They are our miracle boys, and didn't need any extra medical help, other than to have amazing nurses and doctors take care of them (and teach mommy how to take care of twin babies) while they grew a bit!  We brought them home at what would have been my 36 week of pregnancy, and we have had nothing but fun ever since!  These boys bring such joy to our lives, especially after our history (6 1/2 years of infertility struggles, 4 miscarriages, losing their older brother Jonathan at 23 weeks gestation in 2008) and we don't go a day without thanking God for His the most precious gift He could have ever given us... x 2!!!


I have been keeping a mental list of things that I needed to put on the blog for the last couple weeks--this is how mommy remembers anything our family scrapbook after all!

  • The boys are such mimics right now... repeating just about anything we ask them to, and sounding pretty close.  But one thing cracks me up: the boys call 'milk' 'nung'.  Not sure where in the world came from. They used to say milk, or something that sounded very close, but over the last 2 months, it has evolved into 'nung'. We will have them repeat a whole long list of words... then ask for 'milk'. Still 'nung'. Strange, but super cute!
  • They love playing IN their toybox (and in their book box too)! It doesn't matter if there are toys or books inside, they both want to be in there too!!

  • The boys blow kisses and do kisses (lip smacks) when you say I love you to them, or when you are saying goodbye!  They almost always will blow kisses to anyone leaving our house, and now when I tell them that I love them.  Totally melts our hearts every single time!
  • They now are big boys and have their own table and chairs to sit at, play at, and as of today, color at.  It does have to be pushed into the corner, or they spend all of their time pushing and pulling the table away from the other brother, but it works!
First time... not sure what to do!

Hard day at work =)

Will: Mom, you were right... crayons taste yucky!!
  • They LOVE Facetime!  We have been trying to do better at Facetiming family that live farther away, especially their Mammaw and Pappaw up in Tulsa.  They love seeing them on the screen, and now, pretty much any time I'm on the phone with anyone, they try to look at the screen and don't understand why Mammaw's face isn't on there!

  • They are beginning to mimic our facial expression a lot more, especially when we are doing self-portraits on Mommy's phone! See the pictures below of my fun with them this afternoon!

Tomorrow we are going to take pictures of the boys in the bluebonnets--a must if you have children and live in Texas!  Last year we were still on house arrest during the blooms, so this mommy can hardly wait for our first (of many!) bluebonnet pictures!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


Jodi said...

precious miracles they are!!!!

Jenny Brannan said...

I love the pictures of them mimicking your face! That is just too cute! Love you Steiners!

Jessica Anne said...

Congrats on your two miracle babies! I, too, can relate to the "fun" journey of infertility and IVF. I look forward to following you and your adorable twins!!