March 12, 2012

Dress Up & Balloons!

My mom and I were out a few days ago with the boys, and Gigi had such fun trying the hats on the boys!  It kept them happy while I was trying on jeans, and we were just tickled watching them look at themselves in the mirror! (Will on left side of stroller)

Their heads were almost too big for these!

We were surprised that they even kept them on their heads!  For quite awhile, they haven't wanted anything on their heads: hoods, hats, sunglasses, etc, but maybe we've finally made it past that stage! We also got the boys new Superman shirts from Old Navy... ones that match their Daddy's shirt!  They wore them to a birthday party this weekend, but this was the best we could do for a picture before we left!   

W,  J

I just have to add a couple pics of the boys in their new favorite place.  They get so darn proud of themselves for being able to climb up on their own!

W,  J

And last but not least... Balloons!  Our friend Michelle and her girls brought these for the boys last week, and I had them sitting up on the counter.  Today, they fell off, and the boys!!!  They LOVE balloons!  I separated them after there were some tug-of-war moments, and gave each boy their own, and they seriously entertained them for at least an hour today!


Watch the excitement!

Okay... so I know I've posted this final pic before and I have it on my header right now, but it finally hit me who they remind me of in it...

Can you see it? =)  I cracked up when I finally figured it out!  I guess it's because we've been watching The Voice this season.  Ah, my little Cee Lo's... at least they're not holding that creepy white cat!

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Jenny Brannan said...

I love their little giggles!!!