March 30, 2012

Kelly's Korner Link Up!

My Miracle Boys
Will (blue) & Jack (green)
This is a first time linking up to Kelly's Korner!  If you've headed over from her site, welcome! Have fun reading through past blogs of our precious miracle boys! And I'm looking forward to finding you too--it is always nice to find other moms who really understand raising multiples! =)

After a great pregnancy, Will & Jack were born at 28 weeks 6 days, and stayed in the NICU for 7 1/2 weeks.  They are our miracle boys, and didn't need any extra medical help, other than to have amazing nurses and doctors take care of them (and teach mommy how to take care of twin babies) while they grew a bit!  We brought them home at what would have been my 36 week of pregnancy, and we have had nothing but fun ever since!  These boys bring such joy to our lives, especially after our history (6 1/2 years of infertility struggles, 4 miscarriages, losing their older brother Jonathan at 23 weeks gestation in 2008) and we don't go a day without thanking God for His the most precious gift He could have ever given us... x 2!!!


I have been keeping a mental list of things that I needed to put on the blog for the last couple weeks--this is how mommy remembers anything our family scrapbook after all!

  • The boys are such mimics right now... repeating just about anything we ask them to, and sounding pretty close.  But one thing cracks me up: the boys call 'milk' 'nung'.  Not sure where in the world came from. They used to say milk, or something that sounded very close, but over the last 2 months, it has evolved into 'nung'. We will have them repeat a whole long list of words... then ask for 'milk'. Still 'nung'. Strange, but super cute!
  • They love playing IN their toybox (and in their book box too)! It doesn't matter if there are toys or books inside, they both want to be in there too!!

  • The boys blow kisses and do kisses (lip smacks) when you say I love you to them, or when you are saying goodbye!  They almost always will blow kisses to anyone leaving our house, and now when I tell them that I love them.  Totally melts our hearts every single time!
  • They now are big boys and have their own table and chairs to sit at, play at, and as of today, color at.  It does have to be pushed into the corner, or they spend all of their time pushing and pulling the table away from the other brother, but it works!
First time... not sure what to do!

Hard day at work =)

Will: Mom, you were right... crayons taste yucky!!
  • They LOVE Facetime!  We have been trying to do better at Facetiming family that live farther away, especially their Mammaw and Pappaw up in Tulsa.  They love seeing them on the screen, and now, pretty much any time I'm on the phone with anyone, they try to look at the screen and don't understand why Mammaw's face isn't on there!

  • They are beginning to mimic our facial expression a lot more, especially when we are doing self-portraits on Mommy's phone! See the pictures below of my fun with them this afternoon!

Tomorrow we are going to take pictures of the boys in the bluebonnets--a must if you have children and live in Texas!  Last year we were still on house arrest during the blooms, so this mommy can hardly wait for our first (of many!) bluebonnet pictures!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

March 22, 2012

New Foods!

The Dudes got to try some new foods this week! Whole apples (under the close watchful eye of mommy) and real grown-up (not the baby food version) homemade spaghetti!  So cute to watch them.. they couldn't believe it at first when I set a whole apple on their tray!  Will went right to town, and Jack took a few minutes of watching brother and just holding the apple, but he got the hang of it too!!


 His finished product...


 His final product...

 And the leftovers were made into soft apple bites that they scarfed down at dinner!

And a few pics of the spaghetti feast... note that there are no clothes on them (except for diapers and Jack's socks!).  Clean up was so much easier that way!

Jack liked to bite the noodles from the middle
Will figured out how to start at one end and just shove them in!
And notice his bib is gone... his new thing is to remove any bib
I put on him about halfway through each meal... lovely.

What fun!  My little guys are just growing up so quickly!!

March 21, 2012

Uncle Aaron!

Two weekends ago, Uncle Aaron and Sara came to visit us!  The boys were so excited to see them!  Somehow, I ended up with hardly any pictures, and none of Sara! =(  Bad blogger!  I guess we were all just having too much fun to remember to get some good shots of all of us together! The boys were showing all of their adorable skills, and so happy, giggly, and chatty!  We all sat around at the dining room table one night, and the boys literally competed for attention while they ate their food!  They knew they were the stars of the show, and lived up every moment!
I was doing laundry, so the boys got to climb into the
hamper for a little bit of fun!

Sara played with them in their tunnel, one of their favorite places ever! They giggled and peeked in at her, and crawled all over her!
Here is the one time we got pictures with Uncle Aaron.  I brought the boys in to wake him up, and he was quite surprised to wake up with twin boys on his chest!  The boys thought it was great fun!

Betsy had to join in the fun too!

Thank you guys, for coming to visit us!  It was such fun to have you here, and we can't wait for the next time!  Let's for sure take more pictures! 

March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day will always be a special day for us, since it was the day, 4 years ago now, that we found out that we were pregnant with him.  Jonathan is always on our mind, and we feel so blessed that we got to spend his 6 short months of life loving him and dreaming about our first son.  He will always be loved and never be forgotten!

We spent this St. Patrick's Day doing fun things with our 2 miracle boys!  We celebrated a birthday party for our dear friend's two boys, and the boys LOVED running all over their yard and house exploring everything! We stayed as long as we possibly could, but this mom and dad were exhausted from chasing boys!  I think by 2, they'll be much more able to run free without us having to be right there.  

Grandpa came on Friday bringing them their St. Patty's day outfits... they say Little Charmers, and that is exactly what these boys are!!



And I got out their sunglasses to complete the outfit, and they
were so proud of themselves!

Hey Dad, look how cool we are!

Brother... you're sure handsome!

At the party...

Riding the 4 wheeler

Trying their hardest to climb up into the bounce house...

They SOOO wanted to be in with the big kids!

Watching... Soon they'll be the big kids in there!

What a great St. Patrick's Day!

Toys from Grandpa!

Grandpa has been showering the boys with really cool wooden block maze toys!  And the boys LOVE them!!  He brought the first one last week, and they seriously sat and played with it for 45 minutes straight before bedtime!  (That is an unheard of amount of time for them on one toy!)
Then, first thing the next morning, they played with it again...for another 30 minutes!  I would say this is a perfect present!
Will says, "Thanks Grandpa!"
Then Mommy ghetto-rigged it to a table with belts so they would stop trying to carry it away from their brother.  This worked well, and the boys seem to like standing and playing.


Then Grandpa came this week with SUPER wooden block maze!!!  This one has a wooden base with activities on all four sides, with a bead maze with animals on top!
They were mesmerized and slightly overwhelmed with all that it had on it!  But they LOVE it!

Will, so intently playing...

Jack, loving the 'quack-quack' on top!

Playing with Grandpa
Grandpa love!  

Thank you, Grandpa, for finding these awesome presents!!!  We love them!!! And we love you!!