February 6, 2012

A Snowy Weekend!

A few weeks ago, I posted that I was heading to Colorado to surprise our niece to watch her perform as Cinderella in her school play.  Well, I just got back yesterday from a great time in Colorado, but with some unplanned changes!

A weather wrench was thrown into the plans when Thursday night (I was leaving at 6am Friday) a big snowstorm blew into Denver, complete with blizzard warnings!  I was determined to still try to make it to Denver, and once I found out that my flights were still on, I left early and made it halfway (to Phoenix) right on schedule.  However, once I landed and turned my phone back on, I got an automated call from the airline saying my flight into Denver was canceled. Big bummer.  But... after talking to customer service for about 20 minutes, I was rebooked onto the 1:15pm flight--only a 5 hour wait! I settled in to enjoy some Kindle reading, a little snooze, and a brisk 1.5 mile walk around the airport, all the while, praying that Denver would get the airport in landing condition and that I could make it!  I sure didn't want to turn around and head back to Texas without at least getting to see Ryley!  The flight was on, and I made it into Denver at 3:30!  So exciting!

Sadly, because of the snowstorm (Ryan and Joy got 17 inches at their house!), school and the play were canceled.  Thankfully, whenever it is rescheduled, Joy will video it so we can all still see her perform, but we had a fun 'family performance' where we all took the other parts and had the play after all... in the living room!
Here is Cinderella in action...
 And taking her bow after the performance! Great job, Ryley!!
And Ryley with a Precious Moments Cinderella that I got her to remember her first starring role!

 A few shots of the snow outside...
Front yard (through the screen--sorry)

Ryley in action building her snow fort!

Even though the snow canceled our main plans (and kept Honey and Gail from being able to drive in from Nebraska), we still had a great time just being together and having a girly weekend! We played games, ate yummy soup, chatted, watched movies and met Coleen and Paul for dinner once the snow had finally stopped!  I hardly knew what to do with myself not having to take care of two babies!  I woke up Saturday morning, ready to step into my routine, and then realized that I could actually lay back down and rest awhile longer!  What a treat to have a couple days off! And in such great company!

Ryley and Juliet dancing in the living room!
Enjoying Joy's DELICIOUS soup that she is famous for!
We also ventured out to pick up more Girl Scout cookies (Ryley is a cookie salesgirl extraordinaire and needed more!) and ended up near beautiful Washington Park.  With the snow and the gorgeous sunshine that had finally arrived, we had to take some pictures to remember our time together!

With my favorite girl...
The girls
And Ryley took one of us too!
What an absolutely wonderful trip, and I'm so glad that I was able to go!!

And while I was gone, my boys all had a wonderful time together!!  I was so happy to get lots of pictures texted to me, 3 facetime sessions that let me see and hear my boys, and full run-downs of all of the adorable things they were up to!  I didn't miss a thing!
Sweet Jack

Happy Will
Justin did such a great job too... he sure is SuperDad!  When I finally got home, I was so excited to see them that I parked in the driveway and ran in.  Justin had just started feeding them dinner, and they looked up at me like, "why are you interrupting us?"  So obviously, Mommy wasn't missed too much!  Daddy had them happy, fed, and entertained! Thankfully, once their tummies were full, they wanted to be held and cuddled, and I drank up each moment until bedtime!

And Justin had done a bunch of projects around the house too!  He put in our new doorbell, hung a florescent light over the workbench in the garage, bought and put together a new bike in our exercise room, as well as some hand-painted triathlon inspired (Swim, Bike, Run) artwork that he had created and hung!  He's amazing!! 

Great job, Love!  I think I might go on vacation more often!! ;-)


Jenny Brannan said...

Bummer the play was cancelled!! But it looks like you still had lots of fun. =) I have yet to spend a night away from the boys... I'm kinda excited, kinda nervous, but I am definitely looking forward to it! Isn't it great to have such wonderful husbands and grandparents to care for our kids when we are away?!? I don't know what I'd do without them! Love you Al!

Heather said...

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