February 21, 2012

Miss us??

I've missed sharing our lives too! I have 3 blogs in line to finish and post in the next couple days...

Between colds, ear infections, wonderful friends in town, an AMAZING Mom's conference, a new Bible study, REALLY busy and into everything toddlers, and wanting to have some time when the boys take their one nap to just put my feet up for a few minutes (and do nothing else), I've fallen behind.  And I HATE falling behind on blogs!  I love keeping a record of our life on here (mostly because my memory stinks lately!) and I feel like they are better and more accurate when I do them right as or right after events happen.  But, life happens, and I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  I'll just get caught up and go from there!

So... stay tuned! The Steiner Dudes will be making an appearance very soon!

But until then, a glimpse of our adorable little guys hard at work on their laptop!!

1 comment:

Gene Steiner said...

Yes, enjoy these years when they are growing so quickly, and don't stress out about the blog... But to answer your question... YES... We miss hearing from y'all and we miss being together!