February 9, 2012

Little Stinkers!

As we enter into true toddler-hood (since they are both officially toddling everywhere), I'm beginning to see glimpses of the "fun" that is coming. As sweet as my precious little guys are most of the time, the "little stinker" moments are beginning to appear!

Check out the following video of a ride in the car a few days ago:

Don't let Will fool you... he too was screaming really loud too, I just didn't get it on video.

And for more pictures of W & J in action:

This hard hat is a much fought-over accessory... daily.
Notice that the chairs are back to back... they can't be up against any of our walls anymore. The boys have figured out that they can climb up them, standing on the top of the back, to reach windows, blinds, and the spindles on the stairway.  Yikes!

Jack's new thing... licking, biting, and pulling out the fur on the animals in his books with his teeth. Nice.

Grandpa came to Costco with us yesterday. We go to Costco almost weekly for fresh produce, and it was definitely nice to have another set of hands! The boys are thoroughly amused and entertained with their Grandpa!

Reading a brochure planning their first tropical vacation =)
 And cracking up at Grandpa's silly tricks!

Since we have finally let them spend a lot of time in the kitchen area (baby locks finally installed), I've been finding all sorts of interesting things in my towel drawers (that aren't locked). Today's find was their red car, yesterday was my tennis shoe, and the day before that their blue monkey.  Too funny!

The boys LOVE their soft fleece or fuzzy blankies, especially when they are still warm from the dryer!

Their two favorite shows to watch are Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Jack in red)

It amazes me how quickly the living room and playroom get messy! Two toddlers take 0.2 seconds of making a mess! Note in the pictures above the before from this morning.  Now for the after--all cleaned up...

And it's not clean anymore!

Cute babies... I can hardly ever get a shot of them together and standing still!
 And last but not least... thank goodness my trashcan has a locking lid!!!

Because those wheels are super cool!

No matter what they do or how much 'stinkiness' they develop, they are still just the two sweetest boys ever!  I just love each moment with them, watching them become little people!

One last sweet video. They LOVE watching themselves in videos, and have even more fun recording a video from Mommy's front facing iphone camera!

What a joy to be their mommy!


Anonymous said...

Oh, let the good times begin! On top of that, you get the fun times two!! They are absolutely precious and it's so fun to watch them grow up on this blog!! Too cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenny Brannan said...

So cute! I love the idea of turning the camera to the front of my phone! I'll have to try that! Samuel and Ethan are starting to assert their little will more and more the last week. They are getting lots of flicks while on the changing table. I can see the writing on the wall! But they are also getting to be so much fun!!! I still think twins are the best. =) Love you Steiners!

Lianna Knight said...

Can't believe how big they are now...precious!!!