February 13, 2012

First Haircut!

This weekend was full of firsts for the boys, but this post is dedicated to their very first haircut!  We were up in Tulsa this weekend for our college (ORU) homecoming.  Justin's parents live there (both are alumni) and my parents rode up with us also (my mom is an ORU alumni).  Since we had all the grandparents were together, we decided it was a perfect weekend for the boys' first haircut!  We really enjoyed the fact that they could all be a part this milestone, and it cracked us up because the boys had some serious paparazzi during their haircuts!! =)

The place we went to was highly recommended online and by locals... and we loved it!  Mr. Will did a great job on their haircuts. His hands moved so quickly, they didn't even realize what was going on!

The shop was just FILLED with toys for the boys to play with while we waited.  They almost didn't know what to play with first!

Mammaw and Gigi went next door to do a little shopping, and the boys had fun peeking at them through the window when they came back!
Peek-a-boo Mammaw!
Peek-a-boo Gigi!
The grandpas enjoying the cute little entertainment
Will had to take a ride in a car with his name on it!
And then it was Will's turn for his haircut!  No more mullet! He did such a great job... just sat like a big boy, held his cars in his hands, and loved playing with the steering wheel on his 'tractor' chair!

The handsome big boy with a fresh new haircut!
And then it was Jack's turn! He did well the whole time, except for a few pretend tears at the end when the electric clippers came on briefly.

Grandpa held up Will during Jack's haircut, and Will blew kisses at Jack!  Absolutely precious!!!

Handsome Jack with his big boy haircut

Just a second of tears =(
Pretty good for a first haircut!!
Mommy and Jack

Daddy and his boys (W, J)
 And such a special thing that they did for us since it was their first haircuts...

Such big boys!!  It is amazing how grown up they look with their hair cut! They are just growing up so fast!!


Jodi said...

sooooo adorable!!!!!

Jenny Brannan said...

We did that with our boys on my birthday. We also got a certificate and a lock of hair! So fun!