January 6, 2012

W & J's Latest Cute Things

~The boys have now mastered throwing things through the stair railing, but their newest thing is to say, "uh-oh" after it hits the ground! Super cute!

~Jack is definitely a walker now!  He has gotten to the point where he is now carrying things as he walks around. You can tell he is just so proud of himself and is loving his new freedom!

Here is a video of them dropping things through the railing and Jack walking:

~The boys now, thanks to their Gigi who loves to do hair, are sometimes sporting 'Fauxhawks'!  (You know... like a mohawk but without the sides shaved.) She even came the other day with gel, so now, every once in awhile, we do the boys' hair up cool! I think they look like little Stegosauruses!



~I bought the boys backpacks the other day!  I'd been watching for some for awhile that could have a leash attached to it, but could also carry a cup or a snack. Up until having twins, I had always been adamantly opposed to putting kids on a leash.  I would see people using them and honestly think they must not be good parents.  (Not a nice thought, but it is what ran through my mind.) Now I am realizing that I was wrong, and once my boys are walking and are not wanting to ride in the stroller anymore, there might be some places that warrant the use of these.  I can see myself using these, especially when I'm taking them somewhere by myself, or if we are in a really crowded place, like the fair.  But my goal is to train them to stay near us, and only use the leash part of the backpack if they are disobeying.  For me, my thoughts on leashes have totally changed now that I have two. Two little boys who most likely be trying to go in opposite directions. And if there is only one of me at the moment, that is just not safe!  So think what you will, but I'm super excited to have found these!

Aren't they so cute?!

Will looking like such a big boy!

Jack walking all over in his!
One more video!

~We were playing at a friend in the neighborhood's house today, and we played outside in their backyard.  We don't play much in our backyard yet since the boys haven't been walking and there isn't much but grass back there for them to play with.  But their house had a little slide, swing, a hose, and a raised flowerbed to play with!  After some time on the swings, and playing with the hose, the boys found  the dirt in the flowerbed! Jack spent about 5 solid minutes digging his hands around in it and was SO happy!  This is huge for Jack, since his attention span is about 10 max seconds on anything he's interested in!  Then, like the boy he is, he decided it was time for him to take a taste!  He got a tiny bit in before I realized what he was doing, then he followed that up with a huge handful!  I think he surprised himself with the mouthful of grit, but wasn't too happy that I pulled him away!
The walk home... all worn out from all the fun!

I'm thinking dirt doesn't have the best taste, according to this face! =)

These boys are just TOO MUCH FUN!!! Happy Friday!


Joy said...

Jack is walking better than he was even just five days ago when we saw them!!!! Love the backpacks!!! We love Will and Jack both so much!

Joy said...

Jack is walking better than he was even just five days ago when we saw them!!!! Love the backpacks!!! We love Will and Jack both so much!

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me what kind of back packs you got your boys? They look like a good size for my son. Thank you so much!