January 18, 2012


Our boys are definitely ALL BOY!  They love their Daddy's little hotwheel cars, and now, they have started on their newest love...


The boys got a lot of great things for Christmas, including a set of plastic tools for their workbench!  I actually just broke out the tools last week (wrench, pliers, hammers, sander, level, utility knife, and more... all pretend) and they are loving them!  I captured this adorable series of Jack and Will comparing their tools a few days ago!
Jack: "I have pliers!"

 Will: "Those are cool!"

Will: "I have a utility knife."
Jack: "That is pretty cool too!"

Jack: "Uh-Oh. They fell on the floor!"
By the way, "Uh....Oh" with the pause in the middle, is their new favorite thing to say when they drop anything.  It is super cute!!

And of course, they had to keep their tools in their hands as they played on their slide!!

And I just had to post this adorable pic of the boys with Gigi before she went out of town last weekend!
W, Gigi, J
And just because they are starting to (FINALLY!!!) say Mama...
Cuddle time with my happy Jack

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Joy said...

So cute!!!!!! I love their conversation about their tools! Their Uncle Ryan is knee-deep in tools right now, putting together our elliptical. :-)