January 22, 2012

To Do List... DONE!

Holy cow-- we got a lot done this weekend!!!  The biggest and and most time-consuming project that completed (by Justin) was getting our garage completely put away and organized! (Yes, we've lived here since September, but it just takes awhile to get it all done!)  It looks absolutely amazing, and now is a home for both of our cars!  I will be taking pictures tomorrow in the daylight to show you all of Justin's handiwork! Seriously, it looks SOOO good!!!

I did a bunch of things too inside the house: all of our laundry, about 4-5 loads of dishes, planned out our meals for the next week, grocery shopped, cooked all our meals, cleaned the house (with Justin's help vacuuming), cleaned out and reorganized my closet, and worked out 6 of the 7 days this week!! Talk about productive!  I've been having a spot on my upper back that really hurts and keeps me from sleeping after about 6, so I've gotten up early and been super productive! I think it is from just sleeping wrong, but I guess it has ended up being a good thing! It feels good to end a weekend knowing that we got so many projects on our to do list crossed off!  We have just a couple more projects to finish up (decorating our master bedroom is the last big one) and then we'll finally feel settled in!  We just love being back in this house, so it doesn't bother us that it has taken us longer to finish everything here than it has in previous houses.  Spending our time with our boys has just been more important! =)

And just because I can't have a post (even a short one!) without a picture, here is a pic of the boys all ready for our family bike ride this morning!

They couldn't quite figure out what was on top of their heads!! =)

We rode 6 miles (Justin pulling the trailer), and by the end, Will was sound asleep!  I love fun family outings!!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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erickson family said...

um, i didn't know you were super mom?! holy smokes. i hope to get half of what you accomplished done in a decade. :)