January 12, 2012


It was finally time to break out Thomas the Train, the battery-powered version!  Mammaw and Pappaw got this ride-on train for the boy's first birthday, but they weren't really ready for it until now! After spending New Years up at their house, watching them ride on the fire-engine and rocking horse, we came home and finally let Thomas out of the box!! They were ready!

Daddy worked very meticulously on putting him together, attaching all the stickers in just the right place, and the boys were so excited!

Helping Daddy with the wheels!
 They could hardly contain themselves!  They both wanted on right away!!

Will says, "I want to ride shotgun, Jack!"
A cute little video of their first "ride" (The battery wasn't charged yet).

Then, a day later, it was time for the real rides! With power!  And oh.my.gosh.... they LOVE it!!! We were all cracking up as they giggled throughout their first rides!

Will got to ride first (he wasn't sure how to push the button at first)

Then it was Jack's turn

Since these videos were shot, the boys have continued to love riding Thomas!  We sometimes have little temper tantrums and pushing brother off, but then Thomas has to take a break in the other room. =(

 Jack likes riding Thomas, but Jack has a much shorter attention span than Will and doesn't stay on for too long at any one time. But I have to say, Will is the one that likes to ride Thomas the most.  If Thomas is out in the living room, Will will crawl over to him, climb up, push the button on the handlebar that makes it go, and ride him all the was across the room!  I think he has a little Evil Knievel in him too... he tends to like to sit backwards, on the side, or even standing while he is pushing the button and rolling across the room!  Too funny! The only thing this amazing toy doesn't have is a horn/whistle.  But that's okay, because the boys have become pros at saying, "Choo Choo!"  What cutie pies!

Thank you Mammaw and Pappaw, for this amazing toy!  These boys are definitely train fans! =)

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Gene Steiner said...

So glad they love Thomas! What is it about Thomas? The eyes? His smile? The choo choo sound? Anyway. we're glad it's a hit