January 12, 2012

Strange Week!

This past week has been pretty strange! From Mommy being sick, to some crazy warm weather, and to the boys seeming to be not liking their morning nap much anymore, we are learning to be even more flexible!!

Over the past few weeks, my dad, Justin, and the boys have all gotten a bad cold (the little boys) or a sinus infection (the big boys).  I really thought I lucked out and somehow it missed me.  But I was wrong.  It hit me Sunday night, and by Tuesday morning, I was feeling HORRIBLE!
This was a pic from my perch on the couch (sneezing my face off)
 while the boys watched quite a few episodes of Bubble Guppies!
Thankfully (I'm the luckiest girl in the world) my Dad was able to come over quite a few times this week to watch the boys while I was busy or not feeling well!  He also came and stayed with the boys while I was able to sneak into the doctor's office.  (Hello steroid shot and z-pack... magic drugs, because I woke up the next morning feeling 100% better!!). Even though I appreciate my dad coming to help me out, I think he really enjoys every single minute he gets to be here with the boys, and would be here more if he could!  Told you I was a lucky girl!!  The boys LOVE their Grandpa, so everyone here is happy!


We've also had some unseasonably warm weather this week (but as I'm typing this today it is nice and cold--38 but with wind chill feels like 28).  Yesterday, after my mom was done subbing, she met us at the park to swing! (Not sure why I didn't get pictures with her!) The boys are layered up more than they needed to be, but it was a beautiful afternoon!

Betsy came too!

W & J
Such fun to have unexpected nice weather days!  The boys love being outside, and mommy does too! =)


The last crazy thing about this week is that the boys seem to be telling me that our 2 a day nap schedule isn't working anymore. Each day this week, their morning nap (usually 9:30-11ish) either hasn't happened, worked for one and not the other, or needed a little play time before going back down to bed. Last week they were taking 3 hour naps (I think from a combo of catching up from the holidays and most likely a growth spurt), so this week has been a little bit of a conundrum to me. Since naps this week haven't been all that great, bedtime has been about 6:30-7, with boys who have had it... not our typical happy bed times.  So if anyone has any advice for me as how to adjust to this new time of our lives, please share!  My gut tells me that they are not quite ready for once-a-day nap just yet, but I feel like we are heading that direction. Help! =)


I just have to say that I love this age!  The boys are so cute because they are actually responding to things the right way! Instead of just crying because they are tired or hungry, they are actually having real responses!

-Like how they say "uh-oh" after they drop something.
-Or how they are starting to go and get a certain toy from the pile when I ask them for it.
-Or how they now 'fist-bump' with Daddy after he taught them to.
-Or how they'll giggle when I'm coming at them to tickle them, without me even touching them!
-Or how they dunk a variety of toys on their basketball hoop, not just the basketball.
-Or how they walk around holding their little Hot Wheel cars that were their Daddy's when he was little, saying "Ca... ca".
-Or how they love soft things... blankets, pillows, or even fuzzy stuffed animals, and how they'll put their head down on them and cuddle for a few seconds, even in the midst of playing.
-Or how they sign 'more' or 'all done' at the right times during eating time.
... and so many more!

They are just absolutely delightful and I'm the luckiest mommy in the world that this is my full-time job!

And just because I'm so in love with my three guys, I just have to add this one last picture!

I think this just might be all three of their favorite spot!

Hope you're had a great week!

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Dawn said...

ooooh, the one nap a day transition is a hard one, almost as hard as the no nap transition! Your boys are about the age that mine all stopped morning naps. It happened gradually. Like you said, some mornings it worked and others not so much.

Their bodies weren't quite ready to be completely done with the early nap though. We cut back naps to every other day and then to twice a week. It seemed to help bc they were too tired the second day after missing a nap.

Eventually they started staying up on nap days too. Lots of playing in the crib or crying to get out and we realized that the morning hour and a half of quiet was officially over.

On no nap days, I would try to make afternoon naps a little earlier and then bedtime as well. 6:30 or 7 is fine! My baby is 4 now and still goes to bed at 7. Besides, that gives you and Justin a little bit of time to chill as a couple instead of as parents.

Hang in there, mamma! You're doing an amazing job!