January 29, 2012

Oh So Organized!!

My husband did SUCH an amazing job organizing our garage last weekend, and I just had to show it off!  He worked so hard, and because of it, has thoroughly enjoyed parking his car in the garage all week long! =)

We had a spot right next to the back door into the house that I just off-handedly said needed something, like maybe our name or something.  And wha-la... a few minutes later, my artistic husband had created this!  (This weekend he's working on adding a border and more detail.)  I LOVE IT!

Oh how I love organization!  We still need to finish organizing the shelves a bit more, but other than that, isn't it beautiful?!

His amazing workbench that he made a few years ago!

What an incredible man I'm married to!  Thank you Justin for working so hard to make our house such a wonderful place to live!  I love you so much!  Great job, Babe!!!

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