January 5, 2012

New Years in Tulsa

We spent New Year's weekend up in Tulsa with Justin's parents, Joy, Ryan and Ryley and we had such a great time!!  It was nice to get some extra time with the whole family, since we usually get only one holiday all together, but this year we got Thanksgiving and New Years--what a treat!

It never ceases to amaze me how MUCH STUFF it takes to get our family somewhere, even if it is just for 3 days! Look at the back of our van as we left on Friday!
The boys don't seem to mind, and they really enjoyed their new
GiggleBellies DVD--thanks Annie!
On our way up, we made a spur of the moment tour of a drive through light show put on by the county, and we are so glad we did!  It was very well done, and the boys were awed by all the lights!

We arrived late, and the boys were way up past their bedtime, but they did okay!  They are always just such good, flexible little guys, even though they were both fighting a cold!
Jack was giving Justin kisses, but by the time Joy got the camera up,
he was done!
On Saturday, we went to a restaurant called Ollies, that is filled with trains!  Gene is a huge train fan, and is definitely passing on the love of trains to his grandsons!

Ryley and a granddaughter of our friend Kay, also a Rilee, had fun trying to get the boys to look when the train was passing by above the doorway!  Too cute!

The boys had such fun playing with Uncle Ryan...

And Ryley was entertaining them with a funny talking app on her dad's phone!

Kay, Rilee, and Will

Pappaw with his arms full of grand-boys!

And Daddy and the boys decided to go for a ride!

It was a little sunny and windy... can you tell?

Back at Mammaw and Pappaw's house, they had many great toys for the boys to play with!  Their favorites were the firetruck that makes all sorts of great noises, and a little horse to ride on that is just their size! Note all of the different outfits in the following pictures... they played on these the whole weekend!

Will on the firetruck
Will being a good Texan riding his horse!
Ryley was a HUGE help with the boys!
Jack's turn!
Sharing a ride on the firetruck! (Will in back)
Gene and Kathy always make the best breakfasts when we are there!  One morning Mammaw made blueberry pancakes and all of the grandkids (and Uncle Ryan too!) got their initials in pancake!

We also enjoyed a Sunday full of football games--Cowboys and Broncos.  Sadly, we didn't win either game. But Joy, Ryan, and Ryley did bring the boys adorable Broncos onesies that they were proud to wear!
Uncle Ryan watching the game with Will

Jack and Daddy watching the game

The boys...

Ryley was all decked out in her Bronco gear also!
One of the main reasons we all came for New Years was to help get Kathy and Gene all set up with their Christmas present from all of us kids... a new laptop!  They also upgraded their iphones, so we were all very happy to get them all back-up, synced, and up-to-date!  It was definitely a group effort from all of us in the areas that we knew, and it was super fun to see Gene and Kathy so happy! Love you, guys! Glad we could do this for you!
So there was a lot of technology use this weekend!
Here are the girls hard at work! =)
And for a few final (random) pics:
The entry hall was full of many fun things the boys wanted to explore!
Jack and Uncle Ryan being silly!
Will just chilling with Mammaw...
She seriously has the magic touch of relaxing the boys!
Cuddles with Ryley--love this girl!
 Can't believe she is almost 8 1/2!!
This was seriously Betsy favorite place... getting extra love from Ryley!
The boys watching Pappaw's Polar Express train around the Christmas tree!
They kept saying 'choo choo'!  Too cute!

We were also able to get a great picture of Gene and Kathy with their grandkids!

Look at all those Bronco fans! =)
 And our little family... supporting the Cowboys and the Broncos evenly!

With Ryley too!

Such a great New Years!  So glad we got to spend it with all of you!

Happy 2012 everyone!!

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