December 29, 2011

Wasn't looking forward to this day...

(Okay, I'm still working on catch up blog posts, but this was too funny not to blog about right away!)

So I came upstairs today to get the boys up from a nap (that never actually happened... just a lot of playing and chattering) and saw this:

Missing something, Jack??
Yes, that is Jack's diaper (a poopy one, I might add) on the floor outside of his crib.  Of course, like the good mommy I am, I promptly turned back off the light, ran back downstairs for my phone, and came back up to take pictures and video. =)  

I was just telling Justin the other day that I wasn't looking forward to the day that they figured out how to get their diapers off. (He suggested duct tape ;-)  I've heard MANY stories from friends of their children taking off their diapers and smearing poop everywhere... y.u.c.k!  Thankfully, as I hesitantly peered into his crib, I was pleased to realize all was clean, save a little bit of peepee on the bumper.  I can handle peepee. 

Jack seemed to be very proud of his accomplishment, and I was very proud that he had somehow launched his diaper out of his crib without spilling (or smearing!) its contents.  No wonder there were no naps... they were too excited to sleep!  Let's just hope Will wasn't taking notes!

Lesson of the Day: No more naps without pants.


Amber Ross said...

That is too funny!

Alycia Turner said...

Ah! I remember those days, and thanks for the reminder of what is yet to come with Squeakers.

Definitely celebrate that he didn't smear it - my oldest used to smear it all over her crib, the wall, and herself. :/