December 31, 2011

Two Cuties--Random Pics

I'm not sure if any of these pictures were posted on earlier posts, but as I looked back through the last couple of months, I wanted to make sure they got onto the blog!  So here are our cuties!

Will smiling for a picture we sent to Daddy at work one day

And Jack getting in his smile too!
I have to say that my Dad is crazy-silly when it comes to the boys.  I never imagined that my (somewhat serious) Dad would be this way, but I LOVE it!  I'm always cracking up at what he comes up with to entertain them with!

Box fun!
Where's Gigi?

Grandpa and the boys... adorable!

The boys love swinging!!  For about 5 minutes max...

The shirt says it all!

This is one of the boys' favorite thing to do... play open and shut the door!

They love closing it, and then knocking on it until we open it for them!

These shelves of books are also cleared at least once a day...
hence the reason the books are not placed the right way on the shelf =)

More random cute pics...
Will with both sippy cups


Downward Dog... Yoga Master Jack

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