December 9, 2011

Right now...

I just saw this on another blog, and I thought it would be fun!

Right now I am...

Watching: a dvr-ed Extreme Home Makeover.  Love this show!

Eating: Nothing!  Still stuffed from our lifegroup Christmas party earlier tonight.

Drinking: Again, nothing! Too late!

Wearing: Black sweats, purple sweatshirt, slippers... so comfy!

Avoiding: Catching up on writing blogs!  I hate when I get behind!  It just weighs on my mind to catch up, then I end up avoiding all I have to do get caught up! Ugg!  I promise I'll get them up... there are so many cute pictures, stories, etc I want to get up on here!

Feeling: A little tired (it's 11:30pm), but slightly wired from a late afternoon cup of coffee!

Missing: My friends who live far away!  It stinks not to be able to see them more often, but thank goodness for blogs and to keep up with each other's lives!  Miss you girls!

Thankful: for my wonderful husband!  I'm so lucky to have him!

Weather: 40s... can't wait for our first dusting of snow!  I sure hope we get some around Christmas! You just never can predict it here in Texas though!

Praying: for all my friends who are pregnant and trying to get pregnant.  Please know that I really am praying for you, and believing that God is doing miracles in your life!

Needing: a pedicure! Seriously...the toes are bad right now!

Thinking: about why in the world someone would steal our Christmas lights...twice!  (Blog coming soon...absolutely ridiculous!!)

Loving: Christmas!!!  I love seeing the lights everywhere, and our decorations glowing in our home just make me SO happy!  I wish we could leave lights up through February!!

The lights make Will happy too!
He figured out how to climb the slide ladder to get over the fences!! Yikes!

Such fun!  So what are you doing right now?

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