December 27, 2011

Our Christmas 2011

What a fabulous Christmas, and entirely wonderful season!  I can hardly believe it is over, but it definitely was one of my favorites so far!! I can honestly say that this year, I didn't feel frazzled by an overwhelming amount to do, I feel like I really enjoyed all of the parties we had and went to, and having (most--missed you Moores!) of our immediate families here for Christmas was really special for us.  Most of all, I've just enjoyed watching my little guys notice the decorations so much more than they did last year (obviously!)! Their second Christmas was perfect!

Remember these little guys last Christmas?

They have sure grown up quite a bit this year!!
We are just more and more in love with them each day!!!

Anyway... more about our Christmas this year!!

We had a great Christmas weekend with Justin's parents, my parents, and my brother (and the dogs too!). The nice part of this Christmas was that, since we live so close to my parents, we were able to split the food preparation and hosting duties between our two houses!  A fun way to do it! (Even though it meant we ate WAY TOO much food!)  We spent the day on Christmas Eve with Justin's parents, and after church, had dinner at my parent's house.  My mom prepared an absolutely delicious dinner of ham, cheesy potatoes, asparagus, fruit and rolls...heavenly!

We watched some football games (none of our teams won.) Before the games, we went to the Gaylord Texan, and great hotel in this area, for the day on Christmas eve, and had so much fun looking at all the decorations!  It was cold outside, but the open atrium inside is always at 74 degrees!

Bundled for the walk in from the parking garage.
A festive family picture

Pappaw and Mammaw enjoyed looking at all the
decorations with the boys too!
There were train layouts, gingerbread houses, and even real-life toy soldiers!!
These topiary reindeer cracked me up... they were all dressed up so cute!

Okay... and now on to Christmas day!  We had breakfast (homemade cinnamon and orange rolls) and lunch (the traditional turkey feast!) at our house, since it was easier having the boys here for the day.  We dressed everyone up and got some pictures, and then had a pretty relaxing day!
Betsy all decked out for Christmas!
The boys stayed in their Christmas jammies all day... much cozier that way!
Grandpa and Gigi
(Jack in green)

The boys LOVED Pappaw and Mammaw's flashing light necklaces!

With Uncle Aaron... still distracted by the necklaces!
But then Jack figured out that he could bite off the lights that didn't flash,
so that was the end of the necklaces!
Justin and I were so appreciative to all our family and friends who gave our boys so many amazing presents!  These boys got so many wonderful things for Christmas, including personalized books, bibs, many adorable outfits and jammies, trucks, a grow-with-me basketball hoop, building sets, tools, art easels, their first Thomas train sets, a whale teeter totter, Superman vests, DVDs, V-Tech toys, and even cash!  We can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity to our little guys!  They are set!!
Will modeling the Superman vests Sara got them
Will showing his basketball skills... can you say, 'scholarship"?!!
Check out this video of his first shots!

The teeter-totter that Gigi and Grandpa got them... 

Modeling their bibs that Gigi crossstitched them!
Jack loving his new chair!  We got these for them, and they love them!
Much of the day was pretty relaxing... 
Uncle Aaron (who they call Gunka =)  feeding and playing with the boys

Relaxing and chatting
Take note of my hubby's Elf shirt... isn't he cute?!

More eating 

And shoveling it all in =)
And the boys had fun with Daddy and Pappaw watching the train go around the Christmas tree!

Jack with Justin, Will with Pappaw

What a great Christmas!  I'm sad that it is over, but I'm so thankful for such wonderful memories with our families!  Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well!!

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Amber Ross said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Great pics!