December 13, 2011

Earplugs please!!!

Oh these boys... they are just so much fun!  But lately... OH.MY.GOSH.  They are LOUD!!!  Their new favorite thing to do is scream!  At the top of their lungs!  And they seem to compete to be the loudest!  If this keeps up at this decibel, I'm seriously buying some earplugs! I'll spare you and your computer speakers a video. =)

And now, for some Steiner boys cuteness!

Jack (in-the-box =)

A Christmas paint project gone wrong...
I definitely need an extra adult to make this one happen!

Cute diaper booties!



The boys' cousin Ryley made the boys these scarves and
they LOVE them!

Will modeling his

And Jack putting his on too!
Thanks Ryley for such great presents!
 We went for a playdate with our good friends the Sanchezes...
Jack, Liliana, Will
The boys LOVED all these fresh new toys!

Keely entertaining Jackson

Daddy and the boys...
Enjoying their milk in their Christmas jammies!

Aren't footie pajamas the cutest things ever?!

In wonder of Christmas! And some big presents!

And a random final picture... At our lifegroup Christmas party, we had a gift exchange, and I got the best gift ever!!  A BREAD MACHINE!!  Can you believe it? I'm looking forward to a lot more yummy homemade bread!

My first (EVER) loaf of bread!  
Thanks so much, Michelle!! =)

(Still planning to do a Thanksgiving post at some point. My sister-in-law is an amazing writer and wrote a great blog about our week in Denver. Check it out here if you'd like!)


Jodi said...

They are getting sooo big! And yes, footie jammies are the best! I just bought Elijah a pair -and ohhh he looks like such a sweet baby! he loves them too! Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving photos!

erickson family said...

whoa!! i think life group xmas presents have moved up in the world! :) i love how the boys have so much fun together. precious!