December 31, 2011

Builders and Boxes

I had to do a post before the year ended of two of the boys favorite things to play with and in right now...  their builder tool set (and hard hat) and their toy boxes.

Will sometimes isn't too sure about having the hat on

Jack seems to like it!

Surrounded by tools... 

Will likes to take apart whatever megablocks I put together!

A new way to carry the hat! =)

Will is definitely our climber!  Scary!

Poor Betsy... even though she loves the boys, she just doesn't seem to know what to do with them.  She always wants to be wherever we are, but always keeps herself just out of reach of their little hands.  Except this time... 

So calm, relaxed... 

And then Jack arrived. =(  Poor Betsy

And their other favorite thing to play in is their toy boxes...

For some reason on this day, they really enjoyed sitting in the sunshine!

Jack in green and Will in blue

"Brother, can't we both get in that box?"
(This box has since been thrown away because of that!)

That's better... we fit together much better in this one!

They have so much fun together, and it is just great watching them discover new ways of having fun!!

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