December 31, 2011

2011 ... In Review

I'm finding it hard to believe that these are the last hours of 2011. How in the world has it gone so quickly?  I always hear that as you get older, time seems to speed up, and this is the first year where I really feel like that is absolutely true!

I feel like I need to take a few minutes to think through and reminisce on this last year, my first whole year as a mom. And what an incredible year it has been! The boys have changed so much since January 1st this year!  Look at the boys at the beginning of each month of the year...

January--4 months
The beginnings of their personalities!
February--5 months
Mommy's little cuties!
March--6 months
All tuckered out after a car ride!
April--7 months
Starting to move around a bit!
May--8 months
Daddy's Superboys!
June--9 months
July--10 months
Could they be any cuter?!
August--11 month
Pulling up on furniture!
September-- 12 months
Kings of the birthday!
October--13 months
Close buddies!
November--14 months
Slide Fun!
December--15 months
Out for a walk!
I have loved every minute of being their mommy and getting to spend each moment with them. It is just the most amazing thing watching them develop from the little round-faced non-mobile babies to the active little toddlers who are into everything that they are today!! I'm so proud of my husband and the hard work that he does every single day to provide for us, and that allows me to have been home this whole year getting to fully enjoy our miracles!

I'm so excited about 2012 and all that is to come for our family!  Every stage of my guys has been a joy, and I have a feeling that these next stages will be no different! My gut tells me that the next stages will be harder than anything we've experienced up until now, since walking, climbing, talking, running, and finally letting them have more freedom around the house is just around the corner!  But I'm excited!  I'm also praying that God will give us strength and wisdom in raising these precious boys... Their strong little wills are starting to become apparent, and we want to guide them into becoming respectful, happy, obedient boys, but with the ability to make their own (good) choices and learn from their mistakes.  I have a few parenting books that it is time to pull out and read, and Justin and I are already booked for a Love and Logic parenting class in 2 weeks!  It's scary coming into this stage of parenting, but I know that God will guide us and help us through each and every moment!

Happy 2012 to you, and I'm praying that God would bless our family and friends in some BIG ways this year! 

I'm so thankful that many of my friends who have been on the fertility journey are in the midst of healthy pregnancies, and I'm believing and standing for those who are still waiting for God to answer their prayers (you know who you are!!)!  I saw a quote on P.interest today that said the following:

"It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it's even harder to give up when you know it's everything you want."

This is how I felt for almost 7 years up until March of 2010, and it was the hardest time, but yet still an amazing time of my life.  I pray for it to be a time of growth, of drawing closer to Him, and a time of preparation for your turn as a Mommy too.  I know that God hasn't put this deepest desire on your heart only to crush you with a 'no'. It will happen, and when it does, you'll look back and realize that through it all, it was in God's perfect timing! I'm praying for you!

Happy 2012!!!!! May it be your best year ever!!

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