December 3, 2011

15 Months!

It's been awhile since I've done an update on the boys, so I figured it was time!  These last few months since they turned 1 have brought so many changes, so much fun, and the cutest little personalities ever!!

To show you how our 'babies' are growing up, check out their new trick with Betsy I captured a few days ago!!
(I see Betsy gaining a bit of weight in the future!! =)

What the boys are saying lately:
They are both getting to be mimickers lately, and it is so much fun to hear them trying out words!  
Here is a list of the words they are saying as of 15 months:

**Dog (sounds like da)-mostly Will
Pretty(sounds like ti-tee)-both
 (not so good when they are pointing at my shirt, if you know what I mean! ;-)
Pappaw (Pah-pah)-both
Grandpa (Bam-pa or Gahm-pa)-both, but more from Jack
Gigi (Juh-juh)-mostly Jack
Mama (they repeat this one only when prompted, and not very often)-both
Light (ligh)-both
Cheese (chee)-booth
Bye-bye (buh-buh)-both

*Both boys' first sound/word, but not associated with Daddy at the time
**Will's first 'word'
***Jack's first 'word'

What the boys are doing lately:
-Clapping!! They love to clap,and get so tickled when they see each other clapping. They'll usually clap back and forth and giggle!
-Climbing!  All over their toys, their slide (usually turned upside down), us, but thankfully, they haven't yet figured out how to get up on the furniture or completely over their gates yet!
-Screeching/Screaming!  Our very quiet babies have definitely found their outside voices!  And use them a lot inside!  Sometimes I think they shock themselves at how loud they get!  
-'Talking' to each other! Many times when I'm putting one to bed upstairs and brother is still downstairs, they 'talk' back and forth, all the way until the other joins him in their room.  It is just the cutest thing, because they have these huge grins on their face once they finally see brother! They sure love each other, and are always in tune with where brother is!
-Giggling!  Our guys are SUCH happy little boys!  They smiles so much of the time, but are really getting good senses of humor!  Especially Jack!  He tends to giggle out loud more often than Jack, and it is so cute to see what cracks him up!
-Pointing! Will does this more often than Jack, but they have both started pointing at things that they are interested in!  It's super cute!
-Speed-Crawling! They are both pro-crawlers, and if there is ever an open gate, an open door, or a clear shot to stairs, they are flying across the room towards it! It still amazes me how quickly they can get across a room!
-Standing!  They both have pretty good balance and like to stand to do things without holding on!  They can stand and lean their heads back to drink their sippy cups too!
-Taking steps! They both have taken a few steps!  They are SO determined to walk though, that a lot of times the top half of their body moves, but the feet don't keep up!  So we have lots of tumbles, but they are definitely trying, and, I'm guessing, will be walking and running (gulp!!) soon!

Every day is such fun with these boys!

What the boys are eating lately:
The boys are eating a lot of different things!  We still feed them Level 3 baby foods, but they are eating tons of our food! Some of their favorites are:
-String cheese, shredded cheese
-Blueberries, bananas
-Scrambled eggs with cheese
-Cereal bars
-PB & J sandwiches
-Grilled cheese sandwiches, made by Daddy!
-Animal crackers/Graham crackers
-Roasted butternut squash

They are GREAT eaters most of the time! 

And ... what the boys are measuring lately:
Both boys have kind of reach a leveling off in weight, not really gaining that much in the last 3-4 months, because they are so active.  Our doctor isn't concerned that they are in a pretty low percentile for weight, and was so glad to see them doing and saying so much!  She says that in her opinion, they are right on tract developmentally, and you would never know they were preemies at all by what they are doing at 15 months!  Makes me so happy!

William: 22 lbs (16%), 31 in (48%)
Jackson: 22 lbs, 6 oz (19%), 31 1/2 inches (63%)

Here are a couple more videos of Jack and some new things he figured out with a paper towel!  The first one he did all on his prompting at all!

I think I can use this new skill around the house!! =) And one more cute one!

And for a few cute pictures of our boys!
Ready to walk to our neighborhood playgroup!
 The boys love to swing!

Little tow-heads with Grandpa!
They LOVE playing in their boxes!

And then Will was done =)

Last but not least, I had to post this pic of Will's feet.  It just cracked me up, because this is EXACTLY what Justin does with his feet when he wears sweats! Tucks his toes into the hem of the sweats! Like father, like son!!

Happy 15 months, big boys! Your daddy and I love you more and more each day!


Jenny Brannan said...

They are getting so big...and so cute!! Each stage is so much fun watching them discover the world around them. Twins are the best!

Joy said...

That video of Jack tearing up the paper towel reminded me so much of Justin's mannerisms when he was little! Facial expressions, etc. Sooooo adorable. We can't wait to see them again!!!!