November 7, 2011

Wall-climber Will!

Between Jack starting to take steps (see last post) and Will beginning to climb the walls, we are foreseeing that our future is about to get even busier!  These boys are busy, but oh so much fun!

Our little climber Will...

Will is our little studier.  He loves to sit in a big pile of books and look through the pages.  It is the cutest thing!

He is standing also, but has yet to try for his first step like his brother. He's not in a rush, and if he treats walking like he did crawling, he won't do it until he has worked on the form, and is ready to do it just right! =)  Silly boy!

Will is also really into biting right now!  And it is painful!  He loves to bite my shoulder and his brother's finger when Jack sticks it into his mouth! (They both think it is great fun to put fingers into everyone's mouths!  Too funny!)  I know he wants to use his 8 teeth, but I have to find him something else to chew on other than all of us!!

On Sunday we went to my parent's church to introduce the boys to all their friends who prayed so much for them and us over the few years!  

Proud grandparents!
(Jack in Grandpa's arms)

Oh these little guys just melt my heart!  I love them so much!


Jenny Brannan said...

Will is like my brother! Mark got stuck at the top of a tree when he was 2... Bust out those climbing shoes too, Al! Love you all!

Dawn said...

my middle child could climb his brother's bunk bed ladder before he could walk and has been climbing ever since! Sometimes your mamma heart will nearly stop when you see how high he wants to climb, just to warn you :)