November 8, 2011

Off to CA!!

The boys and I, along with my parents, are leaving in the morning to fly out to California! We had the opportunity a month ago to get some really cheap tickets, so we jumped at the chance! We are definitely going to miss Justin, who has to stay to work and take care of the dogs! :-( But I'm so excited to get to spend some time with my sweet Gram, my brother, as well as my aunt and uncle, cousins, and their kids! They are all so excited to see the boys and I'm looking to showing them all how much they've grown!

It seems like November is turning out to be the month of travel for us, since just a week after the boys and I get home, we are off to Denver for Thanksgiving! It's so much fun that they are flexible and we can take them all over! (Check in with me in December and see if I still feel the same way! ;-)

And just a few pics of the boys having fun playing this afternoon!!

(By the way...I'm testing out the Blogger app from my phone, so we'll see what this post looks like!)

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