November 6, 2011

Jack's First Step!!

Exciting news from the Steiner household...

Jack took his first step on Saturday!!!!  We didn't get any pictures or video of it, but Justin and I were both there to see it!  I'm so glad Jack did it while he was here to witness it! =) 

It is the cutest thing... he stands for a bit to get his balance, raises his hands up on opens and shuts them, like saying "everyone watch me!", then he takes a step!  He had been starting to do this the day before, but he would fall halfway through a step.  But this time, he did it!  A complete step--one foot, and then the other!  (And then he fell!)

We were so excited that Justin and I started clapping and cheering, and both the boys started crying! =(  I guess next time we don't cheer quite as loudly!  

YAY JACK!!!! We are SO proud of you!
And we are pretty sure that Will is not too far behind!

Since we don't have video of the step yet, enjoy this video of Jack clapping along to the music!  He was even 'singing' too, but we didn't get it on film!  We sure love our boys!!!

(This is a Jack post, but stay tuned for a Will one tomorrow!)

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Jenny Brannan said...

Yeah Jackson Paul!! Way to go sweet boy! And Al... Better get your running shoes! :)