October 22, 2011

So many new things!

Oh my gosh these boys are growing up so quickly!  I figure since I'm not doing regular monthly updates anymore, I thought I needed to do a blog updating all of the new things that the boys are doing! 

I have noticed them really picking up a lot of things in the last few weeks especially ... new tricks, new "words", new not so pleasant habits, and some of the cutest new interests!  

-They have both been standing a lot more!  They both can stand for a second or so unassisted (longer if they are playing with something and not realizing they aren't holding onto anything!).  They both take steps around furniture while holding on, but you can tell that they really want to step away and walk towards us!  I'm sure that day isn't too far away! 

Here they are in their first fall-weather clothes, standing at the fence.
Don't they look like big boys?
They love to play with Daddy!  
-They love to play with doors!  Cupboard doors, the door to their room, etc ... open, close, open, close, giggle giggle giggle.  They have such fun playing with each other, and we only have had a few pinched fingers, thank goodness!

-They are both starting to make some connections and say some "words".  I really don't consider either of them as having said their first words yet, but they are definitely making connections, watching us say words, and really working hard on trying to say things!  Jack LOVES buttons, and any time he sees one on our clothing, he lights up!  I tell him button, and we point to it, and I repeat it, and he has started saying 'dut-ta' each time.  It is the cutest thing!  Here are pictures of him excited about the button on my pocket.

Jack also is starting to say 'teh-teh' for pretty when he sees all the pretty jewelry that my mom wears!  Will is saying "dah" when he sees Betsy or Molly (dogs), and I swear I heard him say "woof" at Betsy! It is fun to watch them pick up these beginning sounds! They both still say "dadadada" for everything, but are starting to put together "Dada" and their Daddy!

-Don't let the angelic faces in the next few pictures fool you ... these boys have both shown a little bit of a temper!  We definitely have some loud moments in the house lately when one boys steals a toy, book, etc from the other.  Oh boy, they can scream!!  We are working on sharing, and a lot of the time, they are pretty good to play together, or are happy with their own toy, but sometimes, sheesh!  Plug your ears! =)

-This week we have also started weaning off of the bottles!!  As of right now, the boys still have their morning bottle and night bottle, but their 2 bottles mid-day and afternoon are gone!  They now drink whole milk from a sippy cup!  Yay big boys!  We are trying to get them off bottles/formula completely by Thanksgiving!  We'll see!  It's actually been harder for me than them so far!  I guess the bottles and formula are easy/routine for me, and it makes me a little bit nervous to have them take this big step!  But I'm very happy to think that we won't be buying  $formula$ much longer!!

-We have had a rough last month during bath time. =( They have screamed, cried, practically climbed up Daddy to get out of the bath, and have not wanted anything to do with it.  But, I'm happy to report that Jack actually took a bath last night without any tears!  Hallelujah!!  Hopefully Will will stop crying too, and we'll be through this terrible phase! I really want the boys to take baths together and have fun! I'm hoping that will be soon!

-The newest cute thing they are doing is talking on their cell phones! =)  I taught them this week to hold the phone up to their ears, and we talk to Daddy. I always say, "Ring, ring.  Hi Daddy, I love you!"  They watch me do it, and they have both actually held the phones up to their ears and 'chattered'!  By the time Justin got home, I hoped that they would do it for him.  Will has now modified his phone holding to putting it on the back of his head.  It is so cute!

Will and Daddy talking on the phone!
I was able to sneak this video 2 days ago. Jack was sitting reading their peek-a-boo book (their favorite book right now that causes MANY fights!) and Will came over and decided he wanted to talk to Daddy on the phone.  Make sure you watch to the very end... so cute!

These boys are just the best things that have ever happened to us, and I'm loving watching them figure out new things every day!

We are headed to the pumpkin patch this afternoon for the first time, so I'm sure I'll have some cute pictures to post later on!

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Jenny Brannan said...

So cute! I love watching them make connections to things. The phone to the back of the head is hilarious! Love you Steiners!!