October 27, 2011

No more bottles!!!

Milk with Superman =)

The boys are such big boys ... they are officially bottle/formula free!!  We switched them to whole milk in sippy cups for their mid-morning and afternoon milk times last week, then their nighttime milk time for a few more days, and then we used up the last bit of our formula on Tuesday morning in their last ever bottles! Since then, they have been big boys and have been drinking only milk from only sippy cups!  Mommy was nervous about this switch (and I put it off for weeks!) but they have done SO well, and honestly, I don't think they even miss them!  It's just another step in our babies growing up much too quickly! =(

But I am happy at the same time ... not only for the extra money we'll have not buying TONS of formula each month, but for the freedom it brings us!  That, paired with their eating a lot more 'real food' (with their 8 teeth each!!!) is definitely making it easier for us to be out an about, without having to pack so much to take along for them!

I just had to post this so I wouldn't forget when this milestone was reached! Yay for our big boys!!


Jenny Brannan said...

What a big step! For Will, Jack, AND Momma! You're doing such a good job with them!! Love you tons!

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Love the costumes and the zoo keeper shirts! Fantastic and super cute idea!!!