October 10, 2011

My First Triathlon (Almost!)

I don't feel like I can honestly say I did my first triathlon, since I was technically only a third of the team and was done pretty quickly. But, I completed my part, much better than I thought I would, and I was pleased to have done it!

Now triathlons are definitely Justin's realm, and I have really not had much of an inkling to try to do one myself.  Earlier this year, I briefly entertained the idea of training for one by my 30th birthday, but between packing, chasing and caring for two busy boys, moving, and unpacking, the required training never happened. But two weeks ago, Justin asked me if I wanted to do the swimming leg of a triathlon he had been planning on doing in October.  At first I thought, "No way!", but then thought that I just might be able to do it.  So I went to our local pool and did a test swim ... I swam 200 meters and was exhausted!  I was a bit nervous thinking that I'd have to do 350 m 11 days later.  But as I waited the next few days to see if Justin could even switch his registration to a relay team, I figured it wasn't going to happen so I put it out of my mind and didn't do any more swimming.

Then soon after Justin got to work on Monday (as in 5 short days before the triathlon!) he called me with exciting news ... he switched it and I was officially on the team!  Gulp!!  So there it was, 5 days until I was swimming in my first triathlon!  I decided that since I have been walking about 4 miles a few days a week, I would swim at 6am on T/Th to be ready!  Those two days swimming in a 25m pool were definitely a challenge, I was was convinced after watching the clock, that my time would be around 12-13 minutes.  Plus I was nervous because I knew the pool at the triathlon site was a 50m pool, which I have never practiced in.  I used to lap swim more when I was younger, and I have always thought of myself as a good swimmer.  But after 15+ years of life, not too much regular working out, plus many years on the fertility roller coaster and 2 pregnancies, has definitely made me realize that I do love to swim, but more the type of swimming where you are just lounging in a pool and not swimming laps! =)

But ... I did it!  And I actually did it in 9 min 38 seconds!!!  About 3 minutes faster than I though I would!  Plus, I felt pretty good swimming it, and didn't really feel tired until almost halfway through the 5 lap (of 7)!  Can we say adrenaline??  Anyhow, I did it, our team did well, and I really had a fun time enjoying the day with my honey! We had so much fun being there and competing together!  And ... I might just do it again sometime!  I can't believe I'm saying that!

So all in all, I guess I actually did participate in my first triathlon at 30!  Yay!  Now for the next one, I'll train more than 3 times, and I will definitely be investing in more appropriate triathlon swimming attire!  Notice the light blue, orange hawaiian flowered bathing suit!  There was not one other suit like it in all 300 participants! =)

Enjoy the pics ...

About to leave ... 6:30am!
The team all ready to 'tri'!
Justin-bike, Me-Swim, Aaron-run 
Waiting to start . Honestly, here I was pretty anxious and
quite embarrassed about my suit! (Silly, I know!)
The start.
I was #139, but I think I ended up going more by the 160s.
(I figured I would be passed a whole lot less if I started back a bit!)
Lap 4 ... had to dodge a lot of hands and feet!
My cutie about to start the bike
Both of us done with our legs, happily modeling our triathlon shirts!

Aaron finishing up the run!
Go Team!!

All in all, we completed our triathlon in 1 hour and 26 minutes!!

Great day!  Stay tuned to see if there are any more triathlons in my future!  We'll see! =)


Kendra said...

Good for you!!!! I am impressed!!

erickson family said...

how fun! next time you will have to let us know so you can borrow pete's awesome shorts. ;)

Jenny Brannan said...

Way to go Al!! I'm so impressed. I like swimming too, but just can't find (or make) the time to do it.