October 16, 2011

Happy 65 Birthday, Grandpa!

Friday was my dad's 65th birthday, and we had a great couple days celebrating this special milestone!

Dad came over in the morning to get some boy time with the twins, and as always, they were very happy to have Pop come and play!  He sure has a great way of making the boys laugh and giggle!  He has taught them how to high five, and it is so cute!
Pop and his boys
Later in the evening, after my mom took my dad out for dinner and a movie, they came back to our house for a cake and ice cream celebration!  I had party hats for all of us, and we had to get a group shot!  The boys were already asleep, so the dogs got to join in on the fun!
You can hardly see Molly, and doesn't Betsy look
thrilled to be wearing her hat?!

I made my dad a very special cake, complete with his two favorite things!  A chocolate fudge cake with fudge chip frosting AND chocolate chip cookies!  I swear my dad lives on chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, so he was pretty happy with this cake! =)  I even made "65" in cookies that he got to take home with him for a midnight snack!

The birthday boy

My brother facetimed in for the party on Justin's iPad, and we presented my dad with a special present.  We had contacted many of our family, his friends, and contacts all the way back to his high school years, and they sent us memories, funny stories, and best wishes for his birthday.  I compiled this into a powerpoint, and we went through the whole thing during the party.  It was so great to hear from all of the people who love my dad, and it sure showed us even more what an absolutely amazing person he is! And always has been! We are so blessed to have you, Daddy!!!  

 (We snuck in to his computer contacts and sent out the request, but are now realizing we missed a lot of people somehow and emails didn't go through to many others.  So if you're reading this, know my dad, and would like to still send in a special note to my dad to include in the present, you are more than welcome to!  You can email them to me at justinandalyson{at}gmail{dot}com.)

The next morning, my mom and dad came over, and the boys got time to try out the birthday hats!  They weren't quite sure about them at first, but once we gave them a second one to hold in their hands, they had a ball!



Then, Jack figured out that the elastic strings on the bottom of the hats are hilarious!! Watch this video!

Gigi and the boys

Later on Saturday, we went up to Lake Ray Roberts, about 25 minutes from our house for a picnic lunch!  We just love that this beautiful lake is so close!  It will definitely be a place we continue taking the boys to as they grow up!
Justin enjoying the lake. We are having such droughts here...
this part would normally be underwater. =(

Grandpa playing with Will
And we decided to take the boys down to the beach area to let them feel the water.  They are definitely going through an "I hate water" phase right now (baths are NOT fun), but we wanted them to at least dip their toes in the water.

Family picture ... Jack realizing he is awfully close to water

Toes in the water ... NOT happy!!

All better, now that they are in our arms again!

We hope you had a great birthday, Dad!  We sure had fun celebrating it with you!  We are so thankful that you are in our lives, and we love you so much!  You are the best Daddy and a GREAT Grandpa!!
Happy 65th Birthday!


Gene Steiner said...

So glad the video wishes presentation turned out okay for Steve's 65th birthday celebration. Thanks for inviting us all to take part. We honor him and love him.

About the video of Jack and the birthday hat... It's hilarious to watch... Lots of fun until he snaps his face or finger with the rubber band. Till then we'll all enjoy the laughs. Great fun! Wish we could have been there.

Michelle Harmon said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Addie and I love the giggly Jack video!! We watched it three times. :)