October 15, 2011

The Fair!

On Wednesday, the boys and I joined my parents for an afternoon at the State Fair of Texas!  Sadly, Justin had to work, but he was happy that we all got to go.  We love the fair, and went regularly until a few years ago. This was the boys' first time (obviously!) and they seemed to enjoy it!  We were there through their afternoon nap time, but they stayed wide awake and were just taking every detail in!

Grandpa and Gigi with the boys 

Mommy and the boys
This is Big Tex, and regular at the fair here.  He talks every so often, welcoming people to the fair, and the boys loved hearing him say, "Howdy Folks! I'm Big Tex!"
Can you see us right under his feet?

The boys would hardly turn around for a picture...
they were wanting to look at Big Tex!
Justin was born here in the Dallas area and lived here until he was 5, and his parents have told him that he liked Big Tex too!  How fun that the boys are following in their Daddy's footsteps!

We sat down to eat (I LOVE fair food!! Thank goodness it's only once a year!) and Jack did a brand new thing... he started clapping on his own! Some music came on across the way, and he just started clapping! He was so proud of himself! And Mommy, Gigi and Grandpa were super excited too!

 As we walked through the Midway, the boys were all eyes!  They couldn't believe all the colorful toys hanging everywhere, along with the people yelling for us to come play.  I told the boys their Daddy would win them toys next year. =)

I think they liked this booth best!
My Dad sat down with the boys to listen to some country singers/yodelers (sp?) while my mom and I walked around a bit more.  They seemed to like them!

 I thought for sure, after such a long day, that the boys would conk out immediately when we got in the car.  Nope.  They stayed awake for quite awhile while we were stuck in traffic.  But by the time we got home (1 1/2 hours later!) they had thankfully both gotten about 30 minutes of sleep time, but boy did they sleep well that night!

Jack was a happy boy in traffic!
Such fun to take my boys to the fair for the first time!  I'm sure we will have many fun times as a family at the fair in the future!  I have great memories of going to the fair growing up, and I want my boys to have them too!

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Joy said...

Oh how fun! Yes, Justin and I loved Big Tex when we were little. We looked forward to seeing him every year! How cool that they still do that!