October 8, 2011

Active boys!!

Oh our little guys are loving their freedom to MOVE!  While they aren't walking yet, they are on the move all the time! I've been meaning to get this post up for a couple days, but just couldn't seem to get it finished!  The boys are fighting sinus infections today--it's pretty sad, but they are sound asleep right now so I thought I'd finally get it up. Enjoy!

Cutest thing ever!
My parents and brother got the boys these walkers, and they love them on our new tiled areas!  Jack, Mr. Curious and into everything, found that toilet paper is SO much fun to unroll and play with! =)

"Is this not okay, Mommy?"

Another quite common climb-over-your-brother moment
at the Steiner household!

Last weekend Justin's parents came down to see the boys, and the boys had so much fun with them!  I think the boys might have worn Mammaw and Pappaw out! Thanks for coming, you guys!  It was fun!

Mammaw and Will

Pappaw and Jack

Another 1st birthday present was introduced this past week, and they love walking behind it!!  Jack was really into it at first, and would go all the way across the room!  Will is now walking behind it too, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they walking on their own!

We went for another visit to the lake where Justin took me for my birthday and had a nice little walk!

And after we went to eat at Babe's Chicken-Yum! The boys love being in their big boy high chairs at restaurants, but they are definitely figuring out that they can wiggle, turn around, and try to get out of their chairs now too ... kind of scary!
They like to examine lights and fans now too!
Happy Jack

Will's silly face!

Another cute video.  The boys LOVE their tunnel! They have now found that it is such fun to peek through the mesh windows and find each other!  They love to giggle!

Oh so cute!  And, the majority of the time, even their pjs match!
I'm crazy, I know!

Jack practicing his standing skills holding on to his walker.
My friend Jen and I were out walking with our boys the other day, and we came across these donkeys!  I think they were just as enamored with the boys as the boys were with them!
Random picture insert ... our niece Ryley all dressed up in her Halloween costume!  For those of you who know Justin, a HUGE Superman fan, this made him happy!  (We already have the boys' Superman costumes for next year!)
Ryley in her Supergirl costume!  Love the pose!

Another bottle time with mommy

This one cracked me up ... Will still wanted to play, but just decided to do it
chilling in the corner!  

These boys just make me so happy!

Will and his thumb ... 

Climbing Mommy's leg
Spaghettio face!
And to prove the Superman fans here ... Some cute pictures of our Superbabies fighting over a nose-spray bottle!
Jack looking so sweet!

Will had a death-grip on this bottle!

Jack again ... looking so innocent as he tried to rip it out of
brother's hand!

Jack finally gave up!

What a fun week with my crazy boys!  It is so sad now because they both are super snotty, have fevers, and just plain old don't feel good!  Hopefully their medicine will kick in quickly and they'll be feeling better soon!

Watch for my next post ... my first triathlon!  (Kind of!)  Stay tuned! =)


Anonymous said...

I think it's great that the boys have discovered new found independence! Every child seems to be fascinated with toilet paper!! They are so cute and getting so big! Enjoy every day.... before you know it, they will be going off to school! Take good care, friend!

Jenny Brannan said...

Love you guys! Looks like you are having tons of fun with those two crazy kids! Can't wait to see y'all again! (like my Texas accent?!?)