September 25, 2011

Picture purge!

I just realized that I had over 200 pictures on my iphone of the boys the
 last 2 weeks or so, so I thought I'd do a mostly picture blog!  Enjoy some Steiner-boy cuteness!!

My little birds ... they love to stand next to the chair and have their
snack!  Usually fruit or string cheese!

Still loving their tunnel! They have some major
laugh-fests in here!

Getting so good at standing!

Mommy feeding both boys at once!
We don't do this too much!

Jack hanging with Grandpa

Will standing like a big boy!

Don't they look so cute in these outfits? Thanks
Auntie Kristen!!

Enjoying some porch time waiting for Daddy after work!

Getting ready for a walk around the neighborhood!

On our way to the swings!


This is SOOOO much fun!

These boys love to play!
Standing again!  Jack especially is really trying
to figure out standing without holding on!

Will made his way to the top of his toy box and was SO proud of himself!
And 10 seconds after this picture, the toy box was gone! It would have
been a very hard fall!

Sweet William

Daddy and the boys enjoying the porch

Look at our new shoes!  We are big boys now wearing size 4!!

Eating dinner, and sporting our cool new shoes!
(Notice Betsy always waiting for something to drop!)

It is fun to lay in our toys!

Sweet Jack!
(Gene & Kathy--they still love that cup!)

Pacis are only for chewing on and playing with now!

Can you see how long their hair is finally getting in the back?

Will's spots...

Our poor baby!  Thankfully they are gone now!

Cheering for the Huskers with Daddy!
Aren't they just growing up so fast?  I love my big boys!


Kendra said...

Such cuties!!!!

Gene Steiner said...

I want to see the boys in person again real soon. I miss you all. Thanks for posting the pix. Tell them Pappaw loves them.

Michelle Harmon said...

Awesome pictures! They make me smile!!!