September 10, 2011

Birthday/Moving Weekend

I was so proud that I got up the boys' birthday party pictures so quickly, but there were so many more great pictures and videos from the rest of our crazy fun weekend!  So as I've gathered them from all who took pictures last weekend (I didn't seem to manage to take many with my phone), I've been looking forward to sharing them!

We Steiners don't like to do things normally or easily, hence the fact that we threw the boys' first birthday party on the same weekend we were moving!  Actually, that wasn't the original plan at all, but I'm so glad it worked out that way.  Justin ended up having 5 days off of work (unheard of!!) for all the events, and we had so many extra hands around to love on the boys and help us finish packing and move!  God knew it would work best this way! =)

The boys loved wearing their special hats on Thursday, their actual birthday.

They had a birthday breakfast, complete with birthday attire!

And then they had a lot of fun opening all the birthday cards that came for them!  They thought they were delicious!

Uncle Aaron came out for the whole weekend, and the boys were in Heaven!!!  The boys love their Uncle, and they have so much fun with him!  

Jack had fun modeling Uncle Aaron's cool sunglasses!

The boys got these great plaid shirts from Auntie Kristen!
They looked great with Uncle Aaron in plaid too!

Flying up over the camera ... they were giggling so much,
but this is the best picture I got! 
Of course I missed taking pictures of it, but Uncle Aaron introduced the boys to their first Otter Pops!  You know the ones in the long plastic? The boys each got bites of his, and they LOVED it!  After the first shocked face from it being so cold, they kept coming back for more!  Hilarious!

After a spectacular birthday party, and then much help from everyone in the final packing of our old house, we were off to the new one!

Gosh we have a lot of stuff! =)
We are still a mess inside, but the house is slowly getting organized and is feeling like home! We are so happy to be back out here, and we have already met new friends in the neighborhood!

The boys and I went out for a walk, and headed for a little park with two baby swings!

Where are we going Mommy?
Since I was attempting swings for the first time, and I was by myself, I decided that the boys could just ride together.  They seemed to have fun!  At first, they weren't quite sure what to make of it, but by the end, they loved it!

Smiles from Jack

Cute little 4-legged shadow!

Will was all grins too!
The boys have gotten to spend some time in their baby pen since the house isn't quite baby safe yet.  It works pretty well, but in the last day or so, they are figuring out they can climb it. Ugg.  So the new gates have been installed, and we're just about to give them more room to roam!

We also broke out the Thomas the Train tent that Uncle Aaron got them.  Boy is it a hit!!

Exploring inside and out!

Will LOVED it and just kept playing, long after Jack was done!

Then he decided Thomas was a good place to rest! Too cute!

The boys were given these adorable shirts by Sara, a girl that works for my brother.  Aren't they too perfect? I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot of this over the years!

The boys also got walkers from my parents and my brother. (Are these boys spoiled by all of our family or what?! Just wait until I post more pictures of the great gifts the boys received!!) Since we have a lot more tiled area in this house, the boys have plenty of room and love them!

And last but not least, a couple pictures of the boys with their last monthly sticker picture--this one says 1 year!  I can't believe it!

These boys are on the move, and are loving the new stairs!
I'll post their official update next week, after we have their one year pediatrician appointment.

We are having so much fun with our big boys!


Kendra said...

I can't believe you MOVED with two one year olds!!! You are BRAVE!! =)

Jenny Brannan said...

I love how you put them in the swing! Great idea! My boys haven't had the opportunity to swing yet, but when they do, it'll be in one swing! So cute! Love you Al!

Michelle Harmon said...

Such a cute post!!! Looks like it was a super weekend all around! So blessed to be a part of it!! Love u guys ;)