September 4, 2011

1st Birthday Party!

What a PERFECT birthday party!!!!!  We all had so much fun, and I really think the boys did too!

The boys had a little time in their wagon (given to them by their Mammaw and Pappaw for Christmas) before being rolled to the pool area by daddy.  I think they like it!
Will says, "Cheese!!"
Jack says, "Yay!!"
The next day, party day, we had so much help from our family getting the pool pavilion set up, and it looked perfect! The theme turned out to be the boys colors, blue and green, in polka dots.  We had balloons, streamers, cupcakes with blue and green polka dots, and adorable smash cakes for each boy!

The boys were taken for a wonderful ride before the party by my parent's good friend Kay, and the boys had a blast!  They love this wagon, and were such happy little guys in their deluxe ride!  Pappaw was getting some great videos of the party as well!

Mommy had to stop them for some quick kisses and cuddles from my big boys!

Dad and Sid (Kay's husband) sitting in the shade for a bit after the busy setup!  We couldn't have pulled off this party without everyone's amazing help!

During their ride, the boys picked up their first lady for a ride!  This is their girlfriend Lucy, but she didn't ride too long.  I don't blame her ... my boys don't quite know yet that you are not supposed to pull your girlfriend's hair or poke her in the ear.  Hmm, I think we're going to have to do some gentleman training soon! So sorry Miss Lucy!

 So they decided that a water bottle would have to be their passenger for awhile instead!

 We had their high chairs all set up their birthday bibs, crowns, and signs!

Their shirts were presents from our great friend Michelle.  They're kind of hard to see, but they each have a polka dot "1" with their name embroidered over them.  SO cute!!! Thank you, Michelle, they are perfect!
Mommy and Birthday Boy Will
Daddy with Birthday Boy Jack
 Here is Michelle and Brandon's adorable little girl Addie.  She loves the boys, and has named them "Willjack".  Too cute!

We all sang the boys Happy Birthday, and then gave them their cakes. They weren't too sure what to do first ...

But they quickly figured out that this is YUMMY!

Everyone was watching our boys have fun with their cakes!


Look at those frosting beards!!
And then the cakes were no more! Will (left) really hadn't eaten the whole thing ... he was scooping handfuls into his lap!

We stripped the boys down and washed them off at the pool's shower.  They weren't too fond of that!
Will saying, "I don't want a bath! I liked my frosting face!"

One of the kiddie areas at the pool

Mammaw and Pappaw giving the boys their bottle before swim time.

Just a few of the amazing presents the boys got.  Thank you
everyone for being so generous to our boys!!

I can't even begin to express how perfect this day was for me. Not hitches in the plans, and fairly nice day weather-wise, and great friends and family to share the day with.  I completely agree with something I heard a while ago ... a baby's first birthday party is really for the mom.  SO true! Even though the boys were so good the whole day, they'll never have any memory of this day.  But I will, and it was was JUST RIGHT!

Thanks so much to everyone who made this day so special for us!  We love you all, and are so thankful to have you as a part of our boys' lives!  I just can't believe they are a year old! But know that we've had their party, I guess I have to finally believe it!

More pictures to come of our cute one-year-olds, but for now, I'm off to get some sleep before our big moving day tomorrow!  Phew!  What a weekend!!!


Kendra said...

Looks like such a fun party!! I agree- Luke and Abbey's first birthday (and Christmas,really) was more for me =)

erickson family said...

WISH WE COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!! looks like an awesome time. i cannot believe they are one. :) :) :)!!!