August 8, 2011

Busy Week!

What a week! We have been BUSY packing the house, cleaning, and getting it ready to go up for lease tomorrow! I think we are finally ready for showings, and we have just less than 3 weeks until the move!  In the midst of all the grown up's work, the boys have been busy too! And I've taken lots of pictures! =)  Enjoy!

Trying early in the week to discover ways over the barriers ...
Will figured it out today!

Time with Daddy... minus some clothes!

A fun new way to play with the table!

Dreaming of getting into the kitchen

Wanting what Mommy is eating!  

A new toy ... Mommy and Daddy's old cell phones!

Jack figuring out how you eat this thing.

Will happy with his, and Jack deciding if he needs that one instead!

After a nap ... What's up, Will?


Hmm ... an oven. I haven't seen one of these before!

And a cute video...

And one more thing ... 24 days and my babies are 1 YEAR OLD!!!  How have we gotten here so quickly?!


Gene Steiner said...

Looking forward with you to their first birthday celebration!

Joy said...

They look just like Baby Justin did from behind! The one where they're looking longingly into the kitchen.....Oh my gosh!!!!! It's like seeing my baby bro all over again! So precious!

Kelly said...

When I saw your comment on my facebook I just had to come and get an update from my other favourite W & J !

Wow...cannot believe they are almost one year old. Seriously, where has the time gone?

They are adorable :) Love all the differences in their personalities too!

I couldn't help but laugh at your baby-proofing...something I have to look forward to with my W & J!! One gate is already up...more to come I think!

Amber Ross said...

Wow- it's so hard to believe your babies will be a year old so soon! Time flies when you're having fun! Congratulations on your move!