August 27, 2011

Could it be?

Is there actually a blog posted on The Steiner Life?? What a day!

  I just haven't had a moment to blog the last few weeks, and it has been driving me crazy!! After blogging for almost 4 years, my mind thinks quite often, "I have to blog about this!" So not having the time, or the energy, to get blogs on more regularly is frustrating! So here is a quick list of some of the excitement going on with us!  I promise that I will be back to blogging much more often after we are done with our move! Enjoy a few updates, as well as some pictures of the boys lately!

~Will had his first bloody nose last week. =( Poor baby! He pulled his toy over on himself, but about 10 minutes later he was all smiles and ready to play again!

Enjoying a Baby Einstein movie on the laptop at Gigi and Grandpa's house

~The boys are able to hold on to furniture and move around!  There are still some big tumbles, especially from Will, but they are definitely good little movers!

~Will and Jack have been getting more teeth!  Jack now has 5, with the 6th just about to pop through. Will has 4, with two more also about to pop through.  I'm betting that by their birthday (next Thursday) all 4 top will be in for both boys! So far, they seem to be great teethers and it doesn't seem to be bothering them very much! (Will try to get pictures of their new chompers soon!)

Here they are trying to show you Grandpa's teeth!
~They are loving having some freedom exploring the kitchen tile more.  This is a good thing, because we are putting in quite a bit of tile in the new house!  We have had our fair share of tumbles though, and finally today, a bruise from head first plunge on the tile has faded from Will's cheek!  Poor baby!

Jack (with Betsy looking on)
Bottle time with Daddy

Hanging with Gigi
~The messes the boys make now with the food that they are eating are incredible!  It absolutely amazes me how much food they get all over themselves!  We go through a LOT of wipes, and have even had to head to the bathtub after some of our meals! =)



~They are pretty flexible and good little helpers!  The last few weeks have been full of running errands, going back and forth to the new house to meet contractors for quotes, and they have been my little tag-a-longs!

The boys moved a high chair almost all the way across the kitchen--
Can you say teamwork?!
~This mommy is exhausted, and very much looking forward to be in and settled in the new house!  It is such a big job to move, and get everything lined up for moving someplace new.  And being the type A kind of personality that I am, I'm pretty sure I've made everything a little bit more complicated than it might have needed to be.  But, I'm very happy with how everything is lining up, so it is all worth it!

Our new house is getting some nice fix-ups inside and we will be moving in on Labor Day!  We are SO SO SO excited and can hardly wait to get in and make it home (again!).  I'll post some pictures once it is all done!

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