August 31, 2011

I can't believe that in just a few short hours, my sweet baby boys will be a YEAR OLD!!!

How could this first year with our boys already be done? Look how much they have changed!!

Boy have they changed a lot!

And tomorrow they will be a year ...
Sniff, sniff! 
(Can you tell my emotions are all over the place?!)

Each and every day of these boys' precious lives I have been so thankful, grateful, and honored to be their mommy. God has definitely blessed us with these two precious miracles, and I'm so excited to see what this coming year holds for my little guys!!

Stay tuned for birthday and birthday party blogs coming soon!

And if you'd like to see a sneak peak of the boys' one year pictures, check out Aimee Louise Photography here ... what amazing pictures she captured!

August 27, 2011

Could it be?

Is there actually a blog posted on The Steiner Life?? What a day!

  I just haven't had a moment to blog the last few weeks, and it has been driving me crazy!! After blogging for almost 4 years, my mind thinks quite often, "I have to blog about this!" So not having the time, or the energy, to get blogs on more regularly is frustrating! So here is a quick list of some of the excitement going on with us!  I promise that I will be back to blogging much more often after we are done with our move! Enjoy a few updates, as well as some pictures of the boys lately!

~Will had his first bloody nose last week. =( Poor baby! He pulled his toy over on himself, but about 10 minutes later he was all smiles and ready to play again!

Enjoying a Baby Einstein movie on the laptop at Gigi and Grandpa's house

~The boys are able to hold on to furniture and move around!  There are still some big tumbles, especially from Will, but they are definitely good little movers!

~Will and Jack have been getting more teeth!  Jack now has 5, with the 6th just about to pop through. Will has 4, with two more also about to pop through.  I'm betting that by their birthday (next Thursday) all 4 top will be in for both boys! So far, they seem to be great teethers and it doesn't seem to be bothering them very much! (Will try to get pictures of their new chompers soon!)

Here they are trying to show you Grandpa's teeth!
~They are loving having some freedom exploring the kitchen tile more.  This is a good thing, because we are putting in quite a bit of tile in the new house!  We have had our fair share of tumbles though, and finally today, a bruise from head first plunge on the tile has faded from Will's cheek!  Poor baby!

Jack (with Betsy looking on)
Bottle time with Daddy

Hanging with Gigi
~The messes the boys make now with the food that they are eating are incredible!  It absolutely amazes me how much food they get all over themselves!  We go through a LOT of wipes, and have even had to head to the bathtub after some of our meals! =)



~They are pretty flexible and good little helpers!  The last few weeks have been full of running errands, going back and forth to the new house to meet contractors for quotes, and they have been my little tag-a-longs!

The boys moved a high chair almost all the way across the kitchen--
Can you say teamwork?!
~This mommy is exhausted, and very much looking forward to be in and settled in the new house!  It is such a big job to move, and get everything lined up for moving someplace new.  And being the type A kind of personality that I am, I'm pretty sure I've made everything a little bit more complicated than it might have needed to be.  But, I'm very happy with how everything is lining up, so it is all worth it!

Our new house is getting some nice fix-ups inside and we will be moving in on Labor Day!  We are SO SO SO excited and can hardly wait to get in and make it home (again!).  I'll post some pictures once it is all done!

August 8, 2011

Busy Week!

What a week! We have been BUSY packing the house, cleaning, and getting it ready to go up for lease tomorrow! I think we are finally ready for showings, and we have just less than 3 weeks until the move!  In the midst of all the grown up's work, the boys have been busy too! And I've taken lots of pictures! =)  Enjoy!

Trying early in the week to discover ways over the barriers ...
Will figured it out today!

Time with Daddy... minus some clothes!

A fun new way to play with the table!

Dreaming of getting into the kitchen

Wanting what Mommy is eating!  

A new toy ... Mommy and Daddy's old cell phones!

Jack figuring out how you eat this thing.

Will happy with his, and Jack deciding if he needs that one instead!

After a nap ... What's up, Will?


Hmm ... an oven. I haven't seen one of these before!

And a cute video...

And one more thing ... 24 days and my babies are 1 YEAR OLD!!!  How have we gotten here so quickly?!

August 1, 2011

11 Months Old!

Happy 11 month birthday, big boys!!!!

This is it ... the last monthly update before becoming a WHOLE YEAR OLD!! Where has the time gone?  Where have my itty-bitty, needy little babies gone?  How in the world are my guys already almost a year old?!  But ... I love them more today than I ever imagined I could when I first saw their tiny 2 pound bodies in the operating room!  These boys have definitely taken over my heart, and I wouldn't want it any other way!!

These boys have started to become my little men, and they are all over and into everything!!  They are loving their independence, but (thankfully!) still aren't to grown up to want to cuddle ... sometimes! =) They have lost most of their "baby" look and are now definitely looking like toddlers!

Here are the latest updates from our big guys:

--Will's stats: 20lbs 15oz (75% for adjusted age, 50% actual), 28.7" (75% adjusted age, 25% actual)
--Jack's stats: 21lbs 3oz (90% for adjusted age, 50% actual), 29.3" (95% adjusted age, 50% actual)
(Because they were born 11 weeks early, the doctors continue to monitor them until they are age 2.  The boys have an adjusted age [actual age minus 11 weeks] of 8 months 2 weeks. So the developmental pediatrician always gives us their percentages compared to kids in their adjusted age range, as well as their actual age.  Confusing, huh?)

--They are catching up from their prematurity.  According to our developmental pedi, in addition to the size catch up, they are now developmentally the equivalent of 10 month olds!  They have until 2 to catch up, but I have a feeling by our next appointment in November, there won't be a need for adjustments any more!

--The boys are still wearing size 4 diapers, and are mostly in 12 month clothing.  They are still wearing some of their 9 month clothes, but I'm sure that will end soon!

--The biggest change this month has definitely been the fact that they are now pros at pulling themselves up on everything!  Toys, couches, entertainment centers, Mommy and Daddy, walls, and anything else that Mom and Dad haven't thought to baby-proof! They are just so proud of themselves when they are up on their feet!  They have always loved to stand as we hold them, but now they are able to do it on their own and they are LOVING every minute!

--The boys are now wearing the marks of being all boy!  Since they are getting up on everything now, there are many times when they tumble down, usually hitting something on the way down, and coming up with a little bruise!  This sounds terrible, but let me tell you, these are tough little guys! I try to always be near them to help them lower down safely, but they are fearless!  They usually just drop down off of whatever they are standing next too, not afraid, but ready to move on to the next toy!  It just cracks us up, but it also makes me feel bad because they have lots of little red marks or bruises where they have bonked their foreheads! (My parents tell me that my forehead was always full of little bumps and bruises as well when I was little--I guess big foreheads are just bound to get bonked!)

--They have discovered stairs, and if they are not blocked off, they are determined to climb them!  Will has gotten up one stair, and Jack would most likely have been halfway up if I hadn't pulled him down!

--They both say "dadadadada" now, and in the last week, I've hear a few "nananas" as well.  We are working on "mamama" but usually when I try to get them to say it, they watch me, giggle, and then proudly say "dadada".  It is the cutest thing ever! "Mamama" will come soon, I know it!

--They are eating more and more finger foods!  They are pros now at eating their puffs, and also enjoy eating shredded chicken, shredded cheese, bananas, peaches, carrots, green beans, peas, mashed potatoes, and many other things I give them!  They have a great pincer grasp which helps with the eating! They are eating level 3 baby food, so they are getting much more used to texture in their mouths!

--They both love to play with and relax with Daddy.  After bottles, they both just love to chill in his arms for awhile!  They also have figured out that if Daddy is laying on the floor, they can climb up and over him and all over him!


--They are still good sleepers, but in the last week or so, have had trouble falling asleep as fast as they once did.  My theory is that they are having much more fun now, standing and 'chatting' with each other in their cribs, and that definitely doesn't not lend itself to going to sleep quickly!  But hey, we're okay with it, because they still (eventually) fall asleep and sleep all night!  They are still taking 2 naps a day, both about 1 1/2 hours long.

--They love playing with their toys, but if given the opportunity, they would much rather be playing with a remote control, or chewing on a pair of shoes!  They will literally crawl over the top of a whole pile of toys if I have left my flip-flops in the room!  Crazy boys!

--They love their Baby Einstein videos!  They usually watch a few minutes after they finish eating, to let their tummies digest before playing again, and they love them!

Now a little bit on the unique and amazing personalities of each boy...

Jackson Paul is...
 Quite the explorer, a daredevil, a leader, a giggler. He loves his brother, and most of the time will reach out to Will if he is coming to share a toy.  He also loves to climb on and crawl on his brother as well!  He is a lover ... he loves to crawl right up to us for a hug, for us to pick him up, and always loves it when we hold his hand in the car! Jack has quite the sense of humor, and is usually the one you hear deep gut laughs from in reaction to a funny face or playing peek-a-boo!  He has the sweetest voice ... he will make these sweet little high-pitched sounds when he's cuddling in your arms that just melt your heart.  But he is also LOUD!  Usually he is saying "dadada" in a high pitched and loud voice!  And this month, he has also figured out that he can just yell for the fun of it!!  There are many times where we jump when he screeches!  It is just so fun watching him discover all that he is able to do!  We just adore our little sweet spitfire, Jackson Paul!

 William John is ...
 A fearless explorer, patient, always studying, and a dog-lover!  Will seems to like to watch his brother figure out things first, but then is off and running on his own!  He is determined in whatever he is doing ... including not wanting to let go of a toy as he is falling away from it!  This usually leads to a standing toy falling over on him, but he continues to play!  He is a tough little guy, and is not afraid to take a toy out of his brother's hand if he wants to play with it!  He absolutely loves Betsy, and usually is tuned in to wherever she is in the room! He loves chimes, bells, and just this weekend found out that balloons are really neat to watch too! He loves to smile and giggle when we play peek-a-boo, or when Daddy is being silly and dancing. He has a slightly lower and softer voice than Jack, and was so proud of himself when he figured out how to say "dadada". Will is easy to please, and little things, like a simple plastic ring to play with in the car, make him beam with the biggest ear-to-ear grin.  We are always smiling because of our precious little guy, William John!

Love the backs of their knees!
It brings tears to my eyes thinking that this is the last month of the first year of their lives.  It is just the beginning of so many more years of adventure with these to miracles, but it still makes this mommy a little sad to realize how quickly this first year has gone. But I'm so thankful for each and every minute I've been privileged to share with my boys, and I am so proud of the big boys they are becoming!  My mom always told me that she loved each new stage with us as we grew up, and I can finally understand what she meant.  As much as I loved the tiny baby stage--with the cuddles, the little cries, and the complete neediness, I'm so enjoying this stage of early independence!  I love watching them figure out the world, figure out what they can do, and come into their own, distinct personalities.  I even love it when they push away from me and are off to find something new to play with!  But don't get me wrong, I cling to the times that they want to cuddle with me, even if it is just for a few seconds! I love my boys, and I'm so grateful that I have 2 perfectly healthy, happy 11 month olds!

Happy 11 month birthday, Will & Jack!