July 23, 2011

We Love Ryley!!

Happy Birthday to our FAVORITE cousin!!!

We hope you are having a great 8th birthday today, 
and we wish we could be there with you to celebrate!

Mommy made signs for us to hold, but this is the only place we couldn't reach them. =)
And Betsy says she loves you too!!

We wanted to hold the signs...

but we had fun playing with them instead!!

Mommy said that you were probably going to have birthday cake today,
so she gave us the milk version of cake.  I'm sure yours tastes a lot better!
We love you, Ryley!!

Hope today is your greatest birthday yet, Ryley!
We all love you so much!

Justin, Aly, Will, Jack & Betsy too!

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Ryley Moore said...

Thank you so much! I'm really surprised that you wrote a whole blog about me! The boys are so cute trying to hold the sign! I had an awesome birthday. I even went to Elitch's. At first I was scared to go on the Twister rollercoaster, but at the end I had a smile on my face! When we went down really fast I shut my eyes really tight and before I knew it I was being pushed my gravity and we were going up a hill again! I had lots of fun! Thank you so much for everything you gave me! I love you all so much! Say hi to Will and Jack for me!