July 1, 2011

Tunnel of fun

Our friends Heather and Josh brought us a tunnel for the boys last week.  So sweet!  Since the boys are so mobile now, I broke it out today to see what they would do ... and boy did they love it!
Will led the way

... and then Jack realized he didn't want to miss any of the fun

... Will attempting to get ahead any way possible

... reaching for the lead

... Whoa, this thing rolls!

...  a little different perspective

... rolling again

... Will getting close

... Hey Jack, come on!

...  We're almost there, brother!

... Hi Mommy!

... not so fast brother!

... Why am I last again?

... Will always beats me! 

... I'm waiting for you brother!

... Hey--should we go again?

... I don't know--it looks like a long way back

... I don't know

... Let's go play somewhere else.
Will, you go get Betsy and I'll check out this toy!
Ahh, the life.  Nothing to do but play with new toys and try to get to the dog!  Lucky boys!


Jodi said...

ohhhh so sweet!!!

Jenny Brannan said...

Cute blog! I love the expressions on their sweet faces!

Gene Steiner said...

Those little guys are really growing up! So inquisitive and adventurous!

Candie said...

Those pictures were a trip! Such cute little guys. Can't wait to see as they get older! Let the "all boy" begin!