July 18, 2011

Church nursery

The boys went to the church nursery for the very first time yesterday!  They did so well and the report we got was that they were good little boys and that they played a lot!  There were 4 other kids in the crawler room with the boys (notice in the picture how much more hair all the babies have than our guys!=) It really was easy to leave them in there ... Jack found toys right away to play with, and Will was happy in the arms of a fellow twin mommy, Stephanie, who happened to be in the crawler room today!  There were no tears, but just happy babies and parents all around!  When we picked the boys up, Jack was still playing on the floor with some toys, and Will was hanging in the activity center, similar to ours.  Once they saw us, they both whimpered a bit until we picked them up, but then were happy boys!  What a great start to their time in the nursery!

We just love our church, and love the preaching and teaching.  But over the last 10 months (and earlier) we haven't been able to be at church all that often.  Once the boys were off house arrest, we were able to go every so often, but only really were able to enjoy the worship time before heading out to sit in the lobby with our noisy boys!  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed sitting through the whole message, not worrying about a baby making too much noise, or honestly just getting distracted watching my beautiful miracles! I really got to listen and hear what our pastor was saying, and boy did I need to hear this message!

I'm so thankful for a place at church that I can take my boys and completely trust that they will be okay without me.  A place that I they will be loved on and taught about Jesus as they grow up!


Elizabeth said...

Hi, I recently found your blog and your boys are adorable! I was on bed rest at home since the beginning of June and now am on hospitalized bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy (praying for 7 more weeks). I miss going to church too! My husband & I watch the sermons online on Sundays but it's not the same.

linda said...

I am so glad they did so well! That is a true gift for you to be able to enjoy and get restored with the message each week. Jack and Will are amazing blessings and the nursery is going to be so much fun for them! Linda

Brian and Dara said...

I can't believe how fast they are growing up!! I'm so glad they did well and were happy little guys :-) I know you and Justin are thankful for yet another phase in your lives where you can be in service and be refilled for your busy week. Love you!