July 12, 2011

All over the place!!

The boys are sure all over the place now!!  Each day they find new things to get into!  And I have to say, Jack is definitely the ring-leader and lead explorer!!

Jack checking out the inside of the basket...

Looking for something else to get into... 

Will just chilling!

Playing together ...

Will pondering which toy he should go for next...

Silly face!
Tunnel and toy time!

Jack discovering that I didn't have the gate closed

So proud of himself!

Jack climbing up the fence

Twin tackle ... Jack is on top in this one,
but many times a day, Will gets the upper hand as well!
Jack climbing up the fence

Again... so proud of himself!
Will coming over to check out the fun

Can you see the pattern developing?  That Jack is the leader to adventure in our house? =)

And his newest find (much to Mommy's dismay!) ... Jack found the stairs!
Jack was pretty happy I had the gate open,
and he quickly found the stairs!

Going for stair number two!

So proud of himself!

Ooh ... a purse to chew on!
(Notice that I was right there during all these pictures!)

And then there were two!

Pretty fun!
Oh these boys are just amazing! And Mommy's life is now completely changed!  These boys are on the move!!

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Jenny Brannan said...

Wow! I love the gated room. I see an investment in my future. :)