July 10, 2011

10 months!!

The boys are 
10 months old!! 

(Well, actually they are 10 months and 9 days since this mommy couldn't get her act together and get this blog done any earlier!  Oops!  I'm not sure what is going on lately ... I feel like I've gotten behind on everything--blogs, returning phone calls, reading other people's blogs ... I just need to get back in the groove! =)  Hope you all understand and aren't too upset that it has been almost 10 days since the last post!)

Our happy guys are sure making leaps and gains this month, and are loving their mobility!  They continue to crack us up with what they figure out they can do!

Here are the latest updates on our big guys:

--They are right about 20 lbs each and are in size 4 diapers.  They are changing over to 12 month clothing.  There are still a few pieces of their 6-9 month clothes that fit, but they are definitely more comfy in the bigger size.  (Jenny--I'll be sending you a box of the 6-9 months for your boys soon!) A few weeks ago, the boys grandmas and I went to buy new footed jammies, and we all thought the 12 month size was going to be too long for them.  But they fit perfectly!!  I'm just amazed at how big my little 2 pounders have gotten in just 10 months!

--They are continuing to be great sleepers!  They sleep pretty consistently 12 hours at night (7p-7a) and are taking a 1-2 hour morning and 1-2 hour afternoon nap. Most of the month, they were taking a third 45 minute nap, but the last week or so they have pretty much dropped it.  I don't take it for granted at all that we have great sleepers!  We are so incredibly lucky to have two boys who sleep so well, and pretty much sleep at the same time! Hopefully this continues on for many more years! =)

--This month we have transitioned them to their big boy car seats (see this post, and they love them! They sit a lot higher in them, and I like to look in the mirror and see them watching out the window and things zooming past!

--They are getting to be very good crawlers!  This month they have both figured out the 'proper' way to crawl and they are pretty quick!  It is so much fun to watch them get themselves across the room (and into things they shouldn't be in!)  I'll be doing a post soon with video of them on the move! The funny thing about this is to me is that they are still not officially sitters! Will is really good at crawling, sitting back with one arm propping him up, then continuing crawling.  Jack does this occasionally, but I think they have both decided that crawling and moving is much more fun than just sitting around!  Silly boys!

--Right at the end of the month, they both started pulling up on things.  Jack, especially, loves to pull himself up onto his knees, and I have a feeling that it is just a matter of time until they are both climbing up on everything! 
Jack decided to pull himself up in his box and shocked us all!!  

--The latest thing that I'm just loving that they boys are doing, is reaching out to us to be picked up!  When they are in their activity centers and I come up to get them, they stretch their arms out and reach up until I lift them out!  I love seeing them make connections about things they want and motions to get them to happen!  They're growing up! Sniff! =)

--These boys have the best sense of humor! They are giggling and laughing at things, and make all sorts of growly noises!  We are always cracking up at the noises they make!  There are many times when I have them in their stroller at a store, and Jack will just giggle at people we are walking by, and we all crack up! They are definitely loud and definitely all boy! 

They love flying up in the air!  It is a sure way to get giggle very quickly!

These boys love their daddy, and their daddy sure loves them!  The moments that Justin walks in from work at night are some of the happiest times of the day!  They giggle and wiggle, and just eat up the attention from their daddy!  I love my boys!

We attempted to get some good pictures of the boys with their month stickers, but it is definitely getting harder to get them to sit still, smile at the same time ...

or not to eat the stickers. =)

Will is very nice to share with his brother!

Happy 10 months boys!!

Wonder what the 11 month stickers are going to look like?!


AROSS said...

They are so cute!! Where do you get those adorable stickers?

Jenny Brannan said...

You are such a good mom! The boys are lucky to have you. And we are lucky to gave you too! I can't tell you how much if a blessing it is to get Will and Jack's clothes. We love you all!!

Candie said...

I love the progression of your posts. I love the In and Out burger one and this one is just as funny. Those stickers were a wreck!! :) Glad to see them doing so well. My neice and nephew who are twins are also a wonder. They will be a year in August and it just amazes me to watch how they interact with each other.

linda said...

They are too cute!! I can't wait to share with my new classes in the fall. They will love them! They are really moving. They will be sitting soon and then standing and walking! Too much fun!!

TN Bakers said...

very cute post :) love how you got the pics of them eating the stickers! AND I cannot believe how big they are!!! Especially for being preemies! Addie was barely 21 lbs at her 18-month check up!!!!

Taryn said...

So cute! They are getting so big!! I haven't read your blog in quite a while so I thought I would stop by. I hope you are enjoying the summer!