June 24, 2011

Will's head lost ...

**Disclaimer: My boys have very fair skin, just like their mommy.  It doesn't take much for our skin to turn red, so the following pictures look a whole lot worse than it actually was!  Just didn't want anyone to worry!**

So this afternoon Will's poor little forehead had a battle with Jack's two front teeth ... and his head lost!  
Poor guy!
The boys were having fun playing and crawling all over each other, when I saw Jack get the upper hand. Before I could get the 4 steps across the room, he had grabbed hold of Will's head and sunk his teeth in!  I pulled William away (who was crying by this time), told Jack "No, we don't bite our brother." Jack gave me a huge smile (which I always seem to get when I tell him no--hmmm), but then started crying when he realized that I had taken his brother away!

Who me?
But very soon, they were on the other side of the room, playing and having a good time again!

And right before Daddy came home from work to give baths, these best buddies had fun jumping in their jumpers! Listen to Jack giggling!

These boys are just the joy of my life! I have such a great time with them, and I'm always amazed by each new thing they do!  (Even figuring out how to get on top of the other one to bite his head! =) I know this is just the beginning of their brotherly "love", and every day I'm reminded that my life will never have a dull moment again! 


Dawn said...

Praying that the moments of love outweigh the moments of hate! Every brother goes through it. Thankfully, when the loving moments are abundant, the hurtful ones are more easily forgiven! (Speaking from experience, actually speaking from experience night with my boys!)

They are adorable and growing so big! They are bigger at 9 months than my boys were at a year, and none of my kids were premies! Grow little Steiner's, Grow!

Kristy said...

Oh!! They are so, so adorable! I love the sweet little giggles!

Jodi said...

ohhhh how I have missed your updates this past week! Your boys are soooooo sweet!!!!

erickson family said...

oh my word. the giggles video is amazing. i love love love them!

Kelly said...

So I haven't had any time for blogger over the past few months (funny that!) and am just catching up on your posts now. Wow...when did they get so big? They're just adorable litle guys :) So glad your holiday went well...ours, not so much! Think the next holiday will be when they're 18 after that trip ;)