June 15, 2011

It's a Race!!

The boys are really doing well in their crawling! It is so much fun watching them figure out how to get themselves to their toys!  They absolutely LOVE the freedom of moving on their own!

Watch this video of them racing to their activity table!

This isn't exactly how they typically move.  Jack is all about the army crawl style/muscle it through in whatever way he can to get to his toy (matches up with his more impatient nature).  Will is more focused on form.  He really is working on bringing his legs/knees up under him before he moves towards the toy (matches up with his more patient nature).  This tends to lead to many faceplants, but it gets him where he wants to be! They both have definitely figured out moving, and are all over the living room!

Ooh ... what is this toy?
(this if before I took two legs off so they could see)
I couldn't quite catch it quick enough,
but a second earlier, Jack had pulled himself
up just about to the couch cushion!!
This pic is to show how the baby pen has now expanded to be
a whole living room pen ... the boys love the space to move!

Will adores Betsy!!

A blurry glimpse of Jack's two teeth

A small glimpse of Will's ... they are even more in now!
They're so cute!!
At the doctor the other day, we found out that they are definitely heavier!  Will is 19 lbs 5 oz and Jack is 19 lbs 7 oz ... Jack has taken the lead for the first time in his life!!!!  They were both 28 3/4 inches, and their heads were 18 3/4 inches (95th%!!!).  I'm choosing to believe that their big noggins means that they are super smart! ;-)

I'm just so proud of my boys and all that they are accomplishing!  Life is full of fun at the Steiner house!

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Jodi said...

Sooo sweet!! I love watching your videos!!! Thank you so much for sharing.