June 28, 2011

First Swim!

This past weekend our good friends from college, Josh and Heather, came to visit us with their son Luke.  We had such a wonderful time together, catching up since their last visit, playing with all of our boys, and just relaxing!  Of course, I was relaxing too and didn't seem to get too many pictures at all! =(

But I did capture this cute one of Luke cuddling with Betsy!
Can't you tell how good Betsy will be with the boys someday?

On Sunday, we all went out to Providence, the neighborhood my parents live in now, and went swimming!  It was the very first time the boys have been in water deeper than 3 inches (their baths!) and they did a really good job!

All ready to swim!  Will on the right in this pic

Check out this video ... they boys didn't like the cool water much at first and shed a few tears!

But after a little bit, they were happy to be in their floaties with mom and dad!
Daddy and the boys

Mommy and the boys ... Jack (left) still wasn't too happy!

After they'd had enough water for one day, we just sat around a bit, soaking up the sun!  Well, mom and dad soaked up the sun and we worked hard to keep the boys out of the sun! Even though there was a breeze and it wasn't really that hot yet, I definitely didn't want their precious pale skin getting burned!

We finally found some shade under the clubhouse patio, and Daddy and the boys had a great time just chilling together!

After our swim, we went to my parent's house and enjoyed take out from our favorite Mexican restaurant!
And Grandpa got a little cuddle time too!
What a great weekend with friends, and so much fun taking the boys for their first swim! I'm sure our family will take many more trips to the pool this summer ... we want our boys to be little fish!


Ryley Moore said...

That is so cute! I hope that when I come to visit we can go swimming! I will bring my swim suit just in case!!!

Gene Steiner said...

Reminds me of a generation ago when we went swimming nearly every day... Fun times... Fun memories. Can hardly wait to see ya'll

Jenny Brannan said...

What fun! We have yet to take our boys swimming. But when we do, I bought the same floaty things! I'm so excited!

Jodi said...

Your posts just make me smile!!! I love your family! Too sweet!!! :)