June 6, 2011

California Trip

I just posted 4 more posts from our trip to California last week!  We took a TON of pictures, and since this blog is our family's online album, I posted a detailed, picture-full record of our trip!  Feel free to read through them all, if you're up for it!!

Part 1: The Flight
Part 2: Family
Part 3: Fun at the Coast
Part 4: Good Friends in Fresno
Part 5: Heading Home

And I'm still working on some more new blogs, including the boys' 9 month blog (a few days late)!!  I'm almost done catching up!! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

How fun for you guys to see friends and family. I LOVE the picture of you all at the top of the page! You two are amazing parents and the boys look so good. I'm so happy you got to show them off!