June 6, 2011

CA Part 5: Heading Home

After our week at the coast and in Fresno, we headed back to the Bay area to fly out.  But before we left, we were able to spend some more time with my sweet Gram.  The boys were so good with her, and Jack actually sat on her lap for about 15 minutes!!
Jack loving his great grandma
Happy Will with Great Grandma Alys

Grandma drinking in the both of the boys

Aunt Sharon, Gram, Jack, Will, me, Mom
My Gram and I have always had such a special bond.  She has been my role model as I have grown up, and I am so happy that I was able to get to spend some time with her.  She is the most amazing woman of God I have ever known, and I cherish every moment that she is in my life!
My sweet Gram ... Alys, with her namesake, Alyson
And my AMAZING husband.  He has been the best man ever on this trip!  It was so wonderful to get to spend 8 straight days with him this week!  He works so hard for us, and it gone long days when we're at home.  I love you so much, Justin, and I'm glad we could get away from our regular life together for a bit!  Thank you for being such an awesome daddy!  Our boys sure do love you!!

We spent our last night in California at my brother's place.  He has the most incredible view of the San Francisco area I've ever seen!!  His apartment is at the top of Russian Hill, and through his huge windows, you can see the WHOLE bay ... even Alcatraz!!  It was so beautiful!  The boys just sat looking out for the first 10 minutes after we got there!

What do you think boys?

Daddy drinking in the view with the boys!
We decided to walk to dinner--so fun to be in a city where you can do this!  The boys were all ready to go!

With Daddy and Uncle Aaron--
bundled up against the light drizzle!

What a hill!! You would sure get in shape here!

And notice that Daddy is pushing the stroller back up the hill--
he's much stronger than mommy!

The boys' own personal elevator!!

Facetiming with Auntie Kristen and Bella!  So fun!
And of all things, right before we left Aaron's house for the airport, guess what we saw sitting on his windowsill and fire escape ...


I guess there are hundreds of them that live wild on the next hill over, but we had no clue that they came over to his hill too!  So fun!


And finally, our flight home.  Gigi accompanied us on this one, and boy was it nice to have an extra set of hands!!  She kept the boys entertained and happy all through check in, which was so wonderful!

Remember the giant backpacks to carry the carseats??  Look at how huge they are !  But it sure is nice to have your hands free!!

After going through security, Will was so cuddly.  I love these times!

Jack was hanging out with Daddy!

During the plane, we each had an aisle seat, so it was easy to pass the boys around! Justin sat behind my mom, and it was the cutest thing when he discovered his daddy was back there!


I love you, Daddy!!

I love your ipad, Dad!

Will conked out on Gigi's lap for a good chunk of the trip,
and I think she liked it!!
Overall, the boys did well on this flight as well.  It wasn't quite as smooth as the last one ... the boys thought they needed to squeal really loudly at many times during the trip, and the last 10 minutes or so as we were landing in Dallas, Jack's ears were bothering him.  This made for a very loud and unhappy baby.  I felt bad for the people around us, but what can you do, other than try to cuddle your baby!

But we made it home all in one piece, and Grandpa was there waiting for us!  And the boys were very happy to see him!  Nothing but grins for their Grandpa!


What an amazing trip!  It honestly just couldn't have been any better!  We are so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful friends and family, and I was so happy that they all were finally able to meet the boys!


Jodi said...

looks the perfect trip! course y'all may have to take some time off now - to rest from your vacation! :)

AROSS said...

What an exciting trip!!